Washing machine leaking from door

hoover-hnl842-washing-machine The most common cause of a leaking washing machine is the door seal. They often acquire holes or tears letting water leak down inside the machine, which then leaks out from underneath. A door seal can also leak from the door itself straight down the front of the machine.

If water is running down the front of the machine from the door, examine the rubber flange as described in the next paragraph, but first make sure the water isn’t actually coming from the soap drawer. Small runs of water from the drawer can track along the bottom of the control panel and down onto the door ending up dripping off the bottom of the door.

Clean the door glass & Seal

Door glass

Water leaking out of the door can be caused by a worn door seal flange.

When the door is closed the glass presses against this flange and creates a seal. You can get small chunks broken away, or sometimes the flange goes tacky, wavy, or even hard, and will need replacing.

Sometimes though, a leak can be caused by something trapped between the door seal and the door glass which breaks the seal.

If the door seal flange doesn’t look worn then try cleaning the door seal’s flange and the door glass on the inside of the door where it touches the seal when closed.

Bits of cotton, undissolved washing machine detergent, hairs etc can all cause a leak. Use a scouring pad or similar on the door glass.

If the leak is coming from underneath the washing machine at the front it’s always worth carefully checking all around the door seal inside looking for holes and tears.

Some holes can be quite high up and only leak water on rinses or when heavy loads are inside, or on spin when water is thrown about under pressure.

If the leak underneath doesn’t appear to be caused by a hole in the door seal then it could be coming from many different places inside the washing machine.

See this guide for troubleshooting tips and advice – Washing machine leaking

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Buy a new door seal

You can order a new door seal from the largest spares stockist in the UK – next day delivery option available – Buy door seal. Some can be tricky to fit though – especially on a washer dryer.

I’ve “repaired” some holed door seals in the past using a simple bicycle puncture repair kit. It’s not ideal, but with an otherwise perfectly good door seal with just one small hole in or maybe an old washer needing to limp on a bit longer I found the puncture repair kit did a decent job.

However, I fitted it on the outside of the seal – not inside where it is exposed to water. I removed the band holding the front flange onto the door opening frame, and peeled it off the cabinet. This should be seen as a temporary repair though.

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25 thoughts on “Washing machine leaking from door”

  1. Hi there. I had this issue with my Bosch washing machine about 8 months ago. We had a serviceman put in a new drum. However, just yesterday, it started leaking again, and we noticed that again the seal is broken in one place. For 5.5 years we had no issues, and now the same issue twice in the same year. What’s going on? Is it worth it to buy a new machine? It’s so expensive to fix it.


  2. Suzanne Fitzgerald

    My Bosch Classix washing machine is less than a year old, working perfectly then today water pouring from the bottom of the front door. The door is very clean and there are no tears in seal. The machine is not in my kitchen it is outside in an outhouse (the old outside toilet building). If the outlet pipe is partially frozen could this force water out of the front door? Temperature here is 2 degrees but water is frozen in puddles etc. I cannot see any other reason this could be happening.

  3. Hello Suzanne. Do you mean leaking down the front of the door or from underneath the washing machine coming out under the front of the machine? If the latter it could be anything. But if water is running down from the bottom of the door it can only be caused by a damaged door seal (on the front flange – not a hole), or something stuck on the back of the door glass where it presses on the door seal flange or the flange itself.

    Other possible causes are if the water is running from the soap drawer but trickling onto the door and running off the bottom of the door. I wouldn’t have thought 2 degrees outside would make it cold enough inside an out building to freeze something. It’s not a good place for a washing machine though.

    1. Hi Andy, the water is leaking (well pouring out) directly from the actual door. So it must be a damaged seal. The seal looks absolutely perfect. It’s not hard or damaged. It’s like the door is not sealing itself. The door is perfectly clean too. The machine is still in warranty so I’ve called Bosch. It’s very odd as it was working perfectly. I’ll report back what the engineer says tomorrow. Thanks for your prompt reply!

  4. Logik w/machine leaking from the bottom of the door.seal is in good condition the door seem to be out of alinement and can i adjust it? ps fairly new machine.

  5. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Sometimes if the load gets badly out of balance the drum could bounce up and the inner drum can hit the door knocking the door glass out of line. it’snot supposed to happen these days as the washing machines have out of balance protection but it’s still possible in rare cases. Alternatively the door could come loose on the hinges. If the door glass isn’t sitting in the right place and covering the flange of the door seal up it can leak. It’s a case of trying to see if anything can be coaxed back into position or tightened up and making sure the door glass and door seal flange are clean.

    1. Thank you for your really useful advice. In my case the Bosch machine was covered by the guarantee and the engineer came to fix it. To my embarrassment he pulled out the soap drawer to find four cellophane-wrapped Calgon tablets squished behind it – which my husband had thoughtfully been putting in the machine with the degradable gel-wrapped Persil ones. As they were providing an impermeable membrane to the innards of the machine the water was being forced down the front of the machine, running around the front door seal and pouring onto the floor. Fortunately the engineer saw the funny side. I didn’t.

  6. My washer was leaking from what I thought was the door seal, but after reading your page, it was the dispenser draw, thank you, saved me money

  7. I HAVE FITED A NEW DOOR GROMMET AND ALL SEEMS WELL? No, the joint between the e new seal and the ssolid plastic drum leaks. Not a lot, but it is an aggravation. I fitted the seal using washing up liquid to avoid stressing the seal but clearly it is not fitting snugly enough.
    There appear to be two options :- Re-fit using parrafin grease or wait until the leaks stop.
    Which do you recommend, please?

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