Washing machine leaking from door

hoover-hnl842-washing-machine The most common cause of a leaking washing machine is the door seal. They often acquire holes or tears letting water leak down inside the machine, which then leaks out from underneath. A door seal can also leak from the door itself straight down the front of the machine.

If water is running down the front of the machine from the door, examine the rubber flange as described in the next paragraph, but first make sure the water isn’t actually coming from the soap drawer. Small runs of water from the drawer can track along the bottom of the control panel and down onto the door ending up dripping off the bottom of the door.

Clean the door glass & Seal

Door glass

Water leaking out of the door can be caused by a worn door seal flange.

When the door is closed the glass presses against this flange and creates a seal. You can get small chunks broken away, or sometimes the flange goes tacky, wavy, or even hard, and will need replacing.

Sometimes though, a leak can be caused by something trapped between the door seal and the door glass which breaks the seal.

If the door seal flange doesn’t look worn then try cleaning the door seal’s flange and the door glass on the inside of the door where it touches the seal when closed.

Bits of cotton, undissolved washing machine detergent, hairs etc can all cause a leak. Use a scouring pad or similar on the door glass.

If the leak is coming from underneath the washing machine at the front it’s always worth carefully checking all around the door seal inside looking for holes and tears.

Some holes can be quite high up and only leak water on rinses or when heavy loads are inside, or on spin when water is thrown about under pressure.

If the leak underneath doesn’t appear to be caused by a hole in the door seal then it could be coming from many different places inside the washing machine.

See this guide for troubleshooting tips and advice – Washing machine leaking

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Buy a new door seal

You can order a new door seal from the largest spares stockist in the UK – next day delivery option available – Buy door seal. Some can be tricky to fit though – especially on a washer dryer.

I’ve “repaired” some holed door seals in the past using a simple bicycle puncture repair kit. It’s not ideal, but with an otherwise perfectly good door seal with just one small hole in or maybe an old washer needing to limp on a bit longer I found the puncture repair kit did a decent job.

However, I fitted it on the outside of the seal – not inside where it is exposed to water. I removed the band holding the front flange onto the door opening frame, and peeled it off the cabinet. This should be seen as a temporary repair though.

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23 thoughts on “Washing machine leaking from door”

  1. The door seal is fixed to the door frame, usually with a band. Once the band is removed the seal peels off of the door frame. The door seal is fixed to the outer drum with another clamp which needs removing. Access is almost always from the top of the machine. Once the main clamp or band is removed the seal just pulls off. Some door seals are fairly easy to remove. Others can be very difficult, especially some washer dryers but they all fix to the machines the same way.

  2. I have a washer dryer, a hot point wdl540p, and I’m struggling to remove the front panel to change the seal – it appears to be welded on. Any idea how I can change this door seal?

  3. Hello Scott. If the front panel is welded on then it is likely to be exceptionally difficult to replace, especially being as it’s also a washer dryer. Washer dryer door seals are always more difficult to replace. Sadly this is part of the trend of deliberately making appliances difficult or impossible to repair in order to make them cheaper.

    If a front panel won’t come off, the door seal will have to be replaced in situ with very limited space to work with. If there is also a concrete drum weight around the seal as is common with some makes this will make it exceptionally difficult. The only other option is to completely strip the entire drum out of the machine. All in all a complete farce.

    If by any chance there is just a small hole or slit in the door seal you may be able to make a satisfactory and reasonably lasting repair using a bicycle puncture repair kit as described in my article. I used to use this method a lot. The repair kit would need to be applied ideally to the outside of the seal rather than inside which is obviously subject to being constantly submerged in water. Peeling the door seal away from the door frame should allow access to the back of the door seal and depending on where the hole is and if it isn’t too big you can rough up the surrounding area, apply the rubber solution, wait for it to go tacky, and then apply a large rubber patch.

  4. Andy – it is as I had feared. Unfortunately it’s quite a substantial tear so i don’t think a fix is an option.

    Many thanks for your advice, it’s much appreciated.

  5. My partners washing machine is leaking from the door its gushing out. She tells me shes inspected the seal and it doesnt appear to be damaged. We’re thinking the hinge on the door may have been damaged as she has moved home recently and it could of been damaged then. We think it could be the hing as it is slightly wobbly at the bottom of the door. How much would it cost to get a new hing and would it be best to hire a proffessional to fix it or could i possibly fix it myself.

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a door leak due to a fault on the hinge. Hinges on washing machines are often wobbly and loose allowing you to move them up and down but they can crack and break off. Make sure the water isn’t running from the dispenser drawer if it only leaks when it’s filling as water from there can run round the door and appear to come from the door. Other than that the main cause is dirt on the door glass or a worn seal. Read all the article carefully to make sure it isn’t anything mentioned in the article.

  7. Stefan Pikulicki

    i have replaced the door seal but there is a small leak coming from the bottom of the door.
    i checked the machine during the cycle ,the drip started on the final rinse as the machine filled up with water.
    I have checked out the soap dish it seems ok .any ideas.


  8. I had just started a wash on hoover washing machine when i heard a grinding noise, i had to shut the washer off as the rubber has completely came off along with a round white plastic ring thing, I’ve only had my washer 6 months.

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