Where is the model or serial number on a fridge or freezer?

Fridge-and-freezers Model or serial numbers for fridges and freezers always used to be on the back (as with many other appliances). My own fridge only has its serial number on the back. Fortunately most manufacturers have now realised they should be much more accessible.

On a freezer

A model and serial number on a modern freezer should be on a label inside, usually stuck to the side somewhere. Open the door and have a good look around. It’s sometimes at the base but it could be anywhere. Remove drawers from the bottom of the freezer one at a time until you find it.

On a fridge

The model and serial number on a fridge is often on the inside wall side next to the salad drawer. Remove the salad drawer to find it.

On a fridge-freezer

On a fridge-freezer the serial number may be in the freezer compartment.

If you can’t find serial number

The rating plates are usually silver but can be white, and are usually on the left side. If you can’t find these numbers and you’ve looked at every conceivable hiding place inside you may have to pull the appliance out and hope there’s one on the back.

The only other place one could be is if there is a plastic kick strip at the base of the appliance that may be easily removed and which could conceal a label.

If pulling the appliance out be careful. Few things damage flooring better than heavy fridges and freezers with no wheels fitted.

One tip is to push it onto its back feet and place a towel or something under the front feet to help slide it out.

Take advantage of moving it out to give the appliance a good clean out at the back especially inside the back of the appliance and round any grills.

Blocked air vents in fridges and freezers caused by a build up of fluff and debris cause 44% of fires according to one Fire brigade.

Finally: model and serial numbers must be on an appliance somewhere. It’s highly unusual for one to be missing. There’s no logical reason why a manufacturer should deliberately hide it from us. If you cannot find the numbers then contact the manufacturer and ask them where it is.

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22 thoughts on “Where is the model or serial number on a fridge or freezer?”

  1. Can you help me please got Samsung fridge / freezer – not working very well . Got serial number but don’t know what model it is to get parts . How do I find this out , thanks

  2. The model number should be on the same label as the serial number. My article describes all possible places a model / serial number could be so if you can’t find it there’s sadly no other place to suggest looking. If it doesn’t actually say, “model number” you could try searching Google for any number you suspect could be a model number.

  3. Thanks you very helpful as Hoover Freezers have no guidance where to find identifying details. However HOW DAFT for them to put them beside the bottom drawer. The restricted space outside the freezer together with my bi-focal glasses made it a difficult operation!!

  4. Any idea where the serial number is on AEG larder fridges? The only label I can find at all is a paper one on the back which starts with the model number (925052057) and then continues with another 15 digits?

  5. Hi. I’ve just bought a Hisense FV341N4EC1 free standing freezer and trying to locate the serial number. I have a batch number, a 7 digit number and a very long barcode number (containing numbers and letters). Any idea which is the serial number as none say “s/n”

  6. Hi Fridge freezer in caravan found the serial code sticker with the information on, but the bit where the serial number is on has been rubbed off as its sticky back paper with it on. And i cannot find any makers name either but need to find it, as we need a spare salad draw. Can you help or advise where else to look. Will try to get it out next time we go up to the van.

  7. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Janet. Unless the serial number is replicated on the back of the fridge freezer you are probably stuck. All of the places where it’s possible to have a serial number are listed in the article above. I presume you have looked everywhere except the sides and the back which you will be able to do once you’ve got it out. But like I say if there isn’t anything else there then you will be unable to identify it.

  8. Hi
    Moving in to apartment which has integrated fridge freezer and I’m trying to find out the manufacturer. Can this be identified from the numbers shown on a sticker on back of manual ? There is no indication of the maker anywhere in the manual.
    The numbers shown are –
    8507 858 15210 and under that – 50 9934 015732

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hi Alan. Normally no there’s no manufacturer details on the rating plate. It would normally say what brand it is on the control panel. I would search google for the model numbers as that would usually bring up details. The model number is usually only several numbers and letters and not like the ones you quoted. Try to find other numbers to search.

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