LG washing machine error code OE

Error Code The LG error code OE simply means “the pump is blocked”. Presumably the water isn’t being emptied properly, but as with all error codes it is possible that there is a cause other than the error code explanation.

Basically this error means that the washing machine thinks the water isn’t pumping out. That’s probably the case, and a pump, or filter blockage is the most common cause. However, this error code could be caused by other faults such as a faulty pump, or even a blockage in the drain hose, or somewhere else in the pressure system etc.

Bizarrely, according to LG, “if the unit is not levelled properly, it will not drain properly. The front of the unit cannot be higher than the back or vice versa”. However, it probably doesn’t mean it would stop it draining the water at all, I’m assuming it just means there might be a little bit of water left in the machine.

If you have the OE error and you can see that there is a lot of water still inside the machine try this article washing machine won’t empty water.

If it seems like the water has been pumped away then it could be that a pressure system fault has stopped the machine getting the signal that the water has gone and it’s ok to spin.

This is more involved than dealing with not emptying though so unless you fully understand the way it works get an engineer – pressure system faults

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59 thoughts on “LG washing machine error code OE”

  1. Hi all, I’m getting the same error and I’ve drained and cleaned the filter a couple times but the error keeps returning. I just called a repairman who told me over the phone that the pump needs to be replaced, that either it’s dead already or it’s on its last leg and the best thing to do is to replace it anyway and parts and labor will be $250. Thoughts? Thank you!!

  2. jenny: Washing machines have sadly become very throw-away, and many repairs that should be viable have become beyond economical repair, which is frustrating and plain wrong. However, it hasn’t yet reached the stage where an LG pump should not be worth replacing if the rest of the machine is ok and it’s not extremely old.

    Try someone more reputable, any engineer that claims he knows the pump needs replacing without seeing it simply based on your report that it isn’t emptying and you’ve checked the filter is not playing straight or hasn’t the vision to imagine any of the other possible causes such as a blockage elsewhere in the machine or even the drain hose, or the pump not getting any power, or a neutral return.

  3. Hi Jenny I too am having pump trouble but am a bit handy so I am going to change the pump myself. If you look on YouTube and they explain it quite well on how to do it the pump is about 50 dollars at most parts stores

  4. Replacing a washing machine pump should be a piece of cake for anyone used to diy projects, it’s normally just a small pump held on with 2 bolts, with 2 wires and 2 hoses attached to it. Knowing it needs a new pump is where the skill comes in.

  5. FYI cleaned the filter, but still water won’t drain , remove water pump and found sand packed
    inside inpeler to housing ,clean sand /mud works great

  6. Cleaned the filter,same OE error code. Removed the pump, a 50 pence coin fell out of the large rubber outlet from the drum to the pump.(butterfly valve effect) Put it all back together again, “bingo” working fine again, many thanks to you. Spot on with your advice.Well done to you.

  7. Catherine Robinson

    HI my washing machine seems to have the OE error periodically. It can be fine and then block. I thought load size may have something to do with it (it’s an 8Kg DD machine) as it occurs more frequenlty with a fuller load, but I can drain the water off from the front hose and then the machine kicks back into life and completes the cycle.
    I have taken the washing machine to bits, cleaned the pump although I did not take it out completely because I was worried about disconecting the electrics- QUESTION: using the useful video link on how to change the pump if I disconnect the main cable do I then need to disconnect the smaller cables from on top of the pump too? (cleaned the washing machine too!).
    I am a bit bemused and was wondering if i need to replace the pump- If I do my question above applies!

    Many thanks – in anticipation Catherine

  8. Catherine: If your fault is intermittent it could still be any of the things mentioned in the washing machine won’t drain water article. Obstructions can float about sometimes and cause intermittent faults. The pump could be cutting out intermittently but replacing it will just be a guess and may not fix the fault. Of course it might, but without observing the pump is definitely faulty you won’t know until you’ve done it. The wires on the pump only need removing if you replace the pump or want to take it totally off to inspect it.

  9. Catherine Robinson

    Thank you for your comment, it crashed completely two weeks ago and then started working intermittenly again mid-week so last weekend I successfully changed both the drain pumps on the washing machine and it is now working perfectly again. (I actually feel quite pround of myself, being as it what we term in our house as a ‘blue job’.) Have also switched washing powders after reading your article too.

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