Hotpoint Aquarius lights flashing

Flashing lights Several error codes on Hotpoint Aquarius washing machines are indicated by flashing lights. These are just basic ones from models WMA30, WMA31, WMA32 & WMA33 although they may be the same for other Hotpoint Aquarius models using led lights. Aquarius models with a proper digital display should indicate error codes in a more sophisticated manner using actual text such as F1..

The door locked light is flashing

.. This one is simple, and you should be to work it out yourself. If the door locked light is flashing then the door is not properly shut. If by any chance the door is properly closed but the door locked light is still flashing then there may be a fault on the door lock or somehow the door lock is not being properly activated when the door closes. When the door closes the door catch should fit inside and operate something inside the door lock which activates the lock. (How does a washing machine door lock work?)

Wash light is flashing

This should only happen if someone turns the wash selected dial after the wash has started. Maybe a child is messed with it? The light should stop flashing at the end of the programme.

Pre-wash light is flashing

This indicates a filling fault. The software in the washing machine believes that the correct amount of water has not gone into the machine during the maximum time allowed. The first things to check are that the tap hasn’t been left turned off, or there are no kinked hoses etc. For full diagnostic on fill faults check here – not filling with water

The end light is flashing

The end light flashes when the washing machine has been paused. Hopefully pressing start/cancel should get it running again. If not try cancelling the program and starting again.

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Final spin light flashing

The manual says this is not a fault but although that’s technically true something has clearly gone wrong. It would be helpful if manufacturers had a special light for out of balance load detected because unless familiar with the instruction manual people will not understand what has gone wrong. Basically the out of balance detection system hasn’t been satisfied that the load inside is safe to spin and therefore no final spin has occurred.

In this situation you should find your laundry sopping wet, and clearly many people might interpret this as washing machine breakdown. This should only be an occasional occurrence. For full details on out of balance detection and how to load the washing machine properly read my articles here – Spin light flashing at end of the cycle

All lights flashing

This indicates a critical error. The wash cycle has been abandoned. Unfortunately this is one of those faults with no easily identifiable cause. The technical manual implicates potential faults on the motor, pump, drain hose and associated plumbing, pressure switch, pressure chamber and presumably many potential connection issues too. If this is a one-off occurrence, keep fingers crossed and keep an eye on the machine. Otherwise call an engineer (Find appliance engineers).

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15 thoughts on “Hotpoint Aquarius lights flashing”

  1. Hi Andy Trigg, I have a Hotpoint WF210 wash machine and the wash cycle starts and runs for a while then suddenly stops midcycle always with the (from the top going down – vertical led lights) flashing:
    *top light – Energy Save light
    *Third light down – Rinse hold light both flashing slowly at same time and the on/off light flashing fast.

    I have to run separate rinse and spin cycles to get my clothes rinsed and spin dry , Please help

  2. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Michael. On WF washing machines if lights 1 and 3 flash it’s “Pressure switch not sensing”. Faults on pressure system could be various things though a blockage is the most common. For more detials see Faults on pressure system

  3. Peter Heywood

    Hi, I think I’ve read all the comments above about flashing lights but mine doesn’t come up. When I turn on the machine all the lights flash for a long time. I f I wait, and this period seems vary up to about twenty minutes, the flashing stops and the constant ready light remains on so I can then start the wash which seems to function normally. This has happened for possibly the last five washes. Does this indicate something specific? Model WF541.

  4. Hi i have hotpoint washing machine i changed the lock and now machine will not start cycle. When i press to start cycle it will flash the lock symbol 3 times and beep 3 times can some help what could this be

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hello John. Normally if the door lock symbol flashes, it means the door is not closed properly. If the door is closed properly, then maybe it’s just not activating the door lock properly because the catch on the door is badly worn or the spring has broken. Sometimes if the door seal is not fixed properly onto the door room can prevent the door from closing properly.

      The next suspect is the door lock is faulty. If the door lock has just been replaced, then assuming it’s the correct door lock, you have to check that it’s been fitted correctly.

      If you replaced the door lock for the same symptoms, then maybe it’s nothing to do with the door lock and there could be a fault somewhere on the wiring or inside the PCB. Have a read of the paragraph at the top of this article entitled, “The door locked light is flashing”, and also the link at the bottom of paragraph describing exactly how the door lock works.

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