Beko Frost Free Fridge Freezers safety notice

Fire Risk Beko issued an important safety notice regarding some of its frost free fridge freezers. Beko have said that, “in a very small number of cases it could result in overheating”.

The defrost timer is the problem, whose job it is to trigger a heating element to defrost.

However, within several weeks of posting this warning things have escalated to such a serious degree that this safety warning is on the National news. The phrase, “could result in overheating” should now be read as, “could result in a serious fire producing an enormous amount of toxic smoke.” According to one newspaper these fridges have so far caused at least 20 fires in London alone and one death.

The fridges affected were manufactured between January 2000 and October 2006. These models have a serial number that begins with either 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 or 06 (this information can be found on a label inside the fridge.)

There is a free modification to the defrost timer, which any owners of the fridges should definitely get sorted out asap.


Use this link to check with Beko Please check your Beko Fridge Freezer Now

What Beko advise

Currently, they say over 500,000 of these appliances have been sold and only a very small fraction have been affected. They are assuring their customers that if the appliance is working ok, with no symptoms of any faults then it is safe to keep using until they can get to it.

What if you don’t believe them?

This is a decision only you can make. If your model is on the list – contact Beko asap using the link above. If you decide to unplug the fridge freezer – especially if it’s been playing up recently. Food will be wasted if you have nowhere to transfer it to, but if you genuinely believe it poses a serious risk to you and your family there isn’t much choice and how could anyone morally deny that?

If you did unplug it you might be able to contact Beko before the food defrosts (don’t open the door) and plug it back in if that’s what they advise and can convince you it’s safe to do so.

You have a responsibility to try and mitigate any food loss though. You shouldn’t just deliberately let it go off if you can salvage some, use some of it before it goes off, or transfer some to another freezer if possible.

If you do have to let the food go off take a note of all items, photograph them or save the packaging too and add up the cost. You can then try to claim compensation from the manufacturer or the retailer as “consequential loss”.

However, don’t be surprised to meet resistance from Beko or the retailer to the idea of compensating anyone for food loss or even time off work.

That doesn’t mean you have no right to compensation, but unless they comply you will have to fight for it and maybe even have to take them to the small claims court. Get official consumer advice.

What did London fire brigade advise?

Having said all that, a representative of London Fire brigade on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine programme has said there’s no need to stop using one because he believes people who’s fridge freezers have caught fire suffered some intermittent fault prior to the fire. Therefore if your Beko fridge freezer is apparently working perfectly ok he doesn’t think there’s a risk of imminent fire.

Also it should be noted that on Beko’s web site they do not advise to stop using the appliance immediately either (at the time of writing). According to this BBC news item they say –

Beko says the risk to consumers is extremely low and it is advising customers with the affected fridges to continue using them unless they notice anything unusual

My personal thoughts on this are as follows – It seems that Beko are insisting that unless anything unusual is happening with an affected fridge freezer it’s impossible for one to catch fire. Presumably one can’t catch fire until it’s been doing something unusual for some unspecified time as the spokesman for the London fire brigade also advised on radio 2. I hope for everyone’s sake that is the case!

If you do unplug it and lose food the retailer may try to claim you didn’t need to and the loss was avoidable therefore denying your claim for consequential loss.

I think a small claims court judge may well accept that having heard on the news of 1 death, and 20 fires, and then finding out your fridge freezer has the same fault, that it was reasonable for people to immediately unplug the appliance rather than risk leaving it plugged in until something was resolved.

Especially if despite your best efforts you could not get through to Beko, which I know many have experienced. That’s only my opinion though. However, you have a responsibility to mitigate the risk. That is you can’t just unplug it and let the food spoil expecting to get compensation. You would need to try everything you can to save the food or use it up before it goes off.

Tip Always register any white goods appliance you buy. Send off the registration card or go online to do it. If ever a serious safety issue arises the first thing a manufacturer needs to do is to contact all the people registered on its database.

These people are the first to get their appliance modified. If you haven’t registered you may not find out about it and could suffer a serious incident or tragedy.

Check if your fridge freezer is affected with Beko’s web site tool

Please check your Beko Fridge Freezer Now

I just read this news article –
Some faulty Beko fridge-freezers began catching fire as long ago as 2007, the BBC has learned

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95 thoughts on “Beko Frost Free Fridge Freezers safety notice”

  1. I am very concerned that I had 3 products by becko and yesterday my washing machine stopped and there was smoke all coming out of it I also have a cooker and fridge freezer. my fridge freezer wasn’t on the list but I am concerned cause I fear that I had not been in when my washing machine went that my house would of been on fire.

  2. Go

    Was wondering if you can help? I’m looking to buy a fridge freezer currently and Beko seems to be the one that best suits my needs.

    However, it has always stuck in my mind about this fire issue they had.

    Are Below on sale today safe now?


  3. Hello Liam, the safety issue in this article only refers to models manufactured over 10 years ago. Unfortunately there still is a slow but steady stream of appliance safety recalls, so no one really knows if any particular appliance, brand or model is free from any potentially dangerous design flaws yet to be discovered.

    All I can say is that in my opinion, and from what I’ve observed over the years of reporting them is that although the budget and mid price brands appear to have more issues, no brand is totally immune from having to issue a safety notice.

    Here’s a tally of all the appliance safety notices I’ve discovered during the last 9 years which is a very small amount of appliances out of all those manufactured in this time –

    AEG (2)
    Beko (3)
    Candy (2)
    Electrolux (2)
    Glen Dimplex
    Hoover (2)
    Hotpoint (4)
    Indesit (3)
    John Lewis Brand
    Siemens (2)
    Tricity Bendix
    White Knight
    Zanussi (2)

  4. HI, I am having a new Beko fridge freezer CS5713APW delivered o. Saturday 29th April 2017.
    IS this model on any risk…I live in retirement flats and I need to know asap please….Thankyou

  5. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Suzanne. The fridges affected by this issue were manufactured between January 2000 and October 2006.

  6. I have frost free combo fridge freezer. Model CDA 660F BEKO to night I notice choc ices had melted in bottom compartment if freezer other stuff in freezer ok fan still going . But fridge seems dry and between the door and freezer on out side is very hot will this catch fire or is this normal had my appliance some years not noticed this before

  7. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Jean. If you check the link in my article you can see that your model number is not affected by this safety notice. However, of course this doesn’t guarantee that there isn’t a problem. It just means it isn’t affected by this particular issue according to the manufacturer.

    It is quite normal for the sides of some fridges and freezers to get hot. But of course I can’t really know how hot. The first thing I would do is carefully read the instruction manual. If it is normal for the sides of the appliance to get hot it will most likely mention it.

    If the freezer has started to defrost them there is clearly a fault. You might want to contact the manufacturer or a competent repair company as soon as possible. However I would ask one question, is your fridge freezer in a garage, outbuilding, or anywhere other than a normal kitchen where the room gets particularly cold? Many fridge freezers cannot operate properly in a cold environment and although it can be argued it is a design fault the manufactures will say that there fridge freezers are designed for a kitchen. Check this article for more details How are fridges and freezers affected by the room temperature?

    1. Thank you for your come back I’ve looked in Manual nothing about it getting hot at front and bit was red hot so last night I turned it off contacted Beko. This morning they said they would come out then got call from place that’s coming to it said Tuesday I played hell with them as good if defrosting on freezer so now they coming Saturday

    2. Really upsett engineer came out said you have not left your fridge freezer on for 48hrs so I can’t tell what is wrong with it I said no one told me now it was the 17th jan service couldn’t come out untill the 20th jan told him it was read hot you couldn’t touch it I said I was afraid it would set on fire he said there as never been trouble with BEKO I said yet there as but he would nt have it so he went away said he had to email BEKO now I am with out and my friend got my frozen food got to wait now for them to get intouch with me

    1. Just had message from engineer he said he as asked Beko for a replacemebt so now I’m waiting for BEKO to get intouch

  8. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Jean. They are being completely illogical. If you have been concerned that it could catch fire of course you’ve unplugged it. To expect anything else is ridiculous. Does he not know many people have been killed by refrigeration appliances catching fire? If you say the front got so hot that you couldn’t touch it then it’s very simple. Either they give you written guarantee that this is normal and perfectly safe or they get it fixed or replaced. They cannot ask you to plug it in for 48 hours before they come to look. That’s insane. If the engineer says he can’t diagnose it then the manufacturer needs to come up with a different solution. It needs escalating to a manager.

    If they can’t help you, go to trading standards or get in touch with the retailer you bought it from and request a replacement under the sale of goods act as the manufacturer cannot repair it. You may need to get the help of Which? or Citizens Advice

    1. Thank you for your good advice than engineer came Saturday said he would report back to Beko how long do you think I should I give it to wait for them to contact me

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