Cookers with a separate grill implicated in 6 deaths

Danger This is an old safety warning, which I first published a few years ago, but Gas Safety Week has brought it back to the fore. This is clearly a very serious warning and it’s a shame to have to give such bad publicity to specific manufacturers. However, so far six people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning as reported in the main press. This is a warning that needs passing on.

It has to be said that these cookers are only likely to be dangerous if explicit manufacturer instructions are ignored. But frankly manufacturers need to design products in the full knowledge that instructions will always be ignored at times.

They need to make sure their products do not become dangerous as a result of behaviour that is easily predictable, or warn people properly – not just somewhere inside the instruction manual that we all know most people never read.

Beko, Leisure, Flavel and Glen Dimplex cookers with a separate grill danger

What is the danger?

On these specific cookers, designed with a separate grill, deadly carbon monoxide can build up if the grill door is closed whilst the grill is on. Double oven cookers are not affected by the issue as they are designed to work with the top oven/grill door closed.

To their credit Beko have a prominent warning on their home page, which is easily found. However, the Glen Dimplex web site has nothing about it anywhere at the time of writing.

Quote from Beko’s safety warning notice


They go on to say that, when the grill burner is on, the grill door must always be in the open position.

If the grill is operated with the grill door closed, the air supply to the grill burner is restricted which can cause extremely dangerous levels of carbon monoxide to be produced which can pose a very serious risk to health.

Affected Beko cookers (Beko, Leisure & Flavel brands)

  • Beko DCG8511WLPG
  • Beko DCG8511PLW
  • Beko DG581LWP
  • Leisure CM10NRK
  • Leisure CM10NRC
  • Leisure AL6NDW
  • Leisure CM101NRCP
  • Leisure CM101NRKP
  • Flavel DCGAP5LS
  • Flavel AP5LDWP
  • Flavel AP5LDW
  • Flavel AP5LDSP
  • Flavel Milano ML5NDS

As with all safety warnings on appliances related to design issues, the manufacturer offers free inspection and modification. Owners of Beko cookers affected should contact the manufacturer Beko cooker safety notice

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5 thoughts on “Cookers with a separate grill implicated in 6 deaths”

  1. gabrielle fabor

    My sister was actually one of the 6 victim’s who died on Christmas day 2008. She was with her partner who also died. I cannot understand the lack of responsibility on the part of the company. The gas board are equally useless in their investigations of such deaths!!!!!!!!!

    I reside in the USA and hate to say it, but there would certainly have been more owness placed on the company of Beko and Dimplex for their rather feeble excuse of signage warning not to keep the door closed. It was a tragic loss of 6 lives!!

  2. Thanks for your contribution Gabrielle: If there was a warning it shows the manufacturer knew of the danger and decided a warning was sufficient. I know most gas cookers with a glass lid for example are designed with valves that operate and shut off the gas if the lid is closed – presumably to prevent the glass heating up and shattering yet something that could kill is not protected?

    If the consequences of closing the grill door are potentially fatal, it’s hard to imagine why they wouldn’t be automatically designed so that as soon as the grill door is closed it shuts off the gas to the grill.

  3. these cookers are still killing people. My son and his friend passed away in nov last year.we were unaware of the recall on these cookers and received no letters or phone calls.I have found several other cases on the net.why were these cookers alowed to be putting ‘do not operate with door closed’ they must have known what happened when you did shut it.this cooker was still on sale after 5 deaths had occured.

  4. My mums dogs were also killed by exactly the same thing. It’s disgusting that a company like Beko can sell a product knowing it to be potentially dangerous. Also worth noting that my Mum did not even realise that the grill was onas the flames on the Leisures are hard to see and there is no indicator to say that the grill is lit.

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