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LG washing machine error code OE

Error Code The LG error code OE simply means “the pump is blocked”. Presumably the water isn’t being emptied properly. As with all error codes it is possible that there is a cause other than the exact description in the error code explanation but basically this error means as far as the washing machine is concerned it thinks the water isn’t pumping out. A pump, or filter blockage is the most common cause but it could be caused by other faults such as a faulty pump, or even a blockage in the drain hose or somewhere else in the system etc.

Bizarrely, according to LG, “if the unit is not levelled properly, it will not drain properly. The front of the unit cannot be higher than the back or vice versa”.

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  1. had this error, almost made a colorful call to LG.
    I found the little door on the front lower, and read pump filter; so I manually drained the washer and cleaned the filter basket(not for the faint of stomachs) washer works normally now.

  2. Brian,
    What do u mean you read pump filter? How did u clean the filter basket? I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave more details. Thanks!!

  3. Mary: Brian meant he’d cleaned out a blocked pump filter. The “read” bit doesn’t make any sense, not sure what was actually meant.

    The error code OE means the pump isn’t pumping out the water and the link I included in my article ( Washing machine won’t empty the water ) which describes how to try and fix this problem. It may be useful if the fault is caused by a blocked filter. There’s also a link within that article to a section that describes how to check your pump filter (if one is fitted).

  4. cleaned the filter, but still water won’t drain…..the pump is runnin but water not drainin

  5. jujufish: If your washing machine pumps into the u-bend under the sink the blockage (if there is one) could be their. If not you’ll need to get an engineer. Have a look here – Pump has no blockages, filter is clear and it runs but it still won’t drain water

  6. so cleaned the pump filter and pulled stuff blocked in th expeller i believe it is and tryed to get it working again but it freezes and makes a werd motor sound……. any help???????

  7. Sorry Alex, all the help is on the links in the original article and subsequent comments. Sounds like something’s still jamming the impeller or the pump’s faulty though.

  8. avatar Mechellie27 says:

    I have the same issue, all i have ever done to get it to work again… unplug the machine while its in “pause” mode, leave it unplugged for 15-30 sec plug it back in, push ON, (dont turn knob) hit the SPIN button to highest level, push PLAY. And it seems to get back on track… dunno?

  9. Thank you so much for all of this info. I didn’t even know I had a filter on my LG washer. Emptying the water and cleaning the filter were indescribable but once it was done, the stink is gone and the washer is back to running !!!!!!! Thank you again !!!!

  10. avatar Louise Rowland says:

    I have had the OE error. I have cleaned the filter bit at the front, I have drained it, I have done this over and over again and it still doesnt work. There is no blockage in the pipe we have flushed it thru. What on earth is wrong with this machine. its only a year old and we have two people in our house!

    If anyone has any ideas please help xx

  11. Louise, The LG error code OE simply means “the pump is blocked” but as with many error codes they can be misleading. I can only presume the machine knows the pump is running but the water isn’t pumping away so it thinks the pump is blocked.

    It’s normally caused by a blocked pump filter but it could be caused by something else. If the water is not being pumped away you should read all the links I placed in my original article and if they don’t help you need to call an engineer.

    On the other hand if the water is being pumped away then the error would appear to be indicating an erroneous cause and you need an engineer to check it out.

  12. Thanks Sam, I’ve put the link at the bottom of my main article.

  13. I tried to drain the tube and nothing comes out. How can I check the filter without water going everywhere. There is still water in the tub!!!! HELP!!

  14. Hi Cindy: Advice on your situation is available from the first link on the article where it says, “Washing machine won’t empty water” although it’s a long article, specific advice about dealing with a washing machine full of water is in another section linked to on that page How do I clean my pump filter – where is the pump filter? which has a section titled “Washing machine full of water?”

  15. avatar vern epperson says:

    Trying to figure out how to get to the pump to look for something that might be impeding the impeller?

  16. Vern: With the hoses disconnected you can see the impeller. The pump should be easy to take off too if necessary.

  17. avatar Anastasia says:

    I got the happy error! I followed your suggestions: emptied the machine, cleaned the filter, etc. You are right: a simple tooth pick created all this mess. However, I was not that lucky! The machine just got stuck in the middle of the cycle. I assume that either unplugging the machine reset the cycle, or just unclogging the softener drawer solved the problem (uncomlete cycle) . Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Worked great! Draining the washer was messy but the filter needed to be emptied. Why doesn’t LG say this filter needs to be cleaned periodically?

  19. Ok, I’ve read these all, but here’s our problem. It seems to want to operate normally, but once the tub drains and “starts” it’s spin cycle that’s where it stops. It runs normally, drains the water it’s just once it gets all the water out of the tub that it stops working right. It doesn’t want to spin or anything. I’ve unplugged it while pushing the start stop…blah blah blah So can someone offer any advice?

  20. anthony: If the OE error is produced after the water has pumped away then there must be something else wrong with the washer if it’s giving an error code saying the water can’t be pumped away after it has successfully pumped it away. Maybe there’s a blockage or fault in the pressure system that tells the washing machine when the water has gone. It needs the pressure switch to turn off when the water has gone to signal that it has gone, which it does by air pressure. However, they normally have different error codes for pressure system issues.

  21. thanks washerhelp i had a tech come look at it and that’s what he found out. I wish I would have read this sooner might have saved me some $$. Funny too, murphy’s law, when he came to look at it, it was working just fine. Go figure, I call someone to come look at it and it acts like nothing is wrong. Oh well. Lesson learned.

  22. I had an OE code, and had no problem with the water draining. After a while, I noticed water on the floor.
    Found the problem was the rubber hose underneath had a crack in the bellows. I assume that was the cause of the leak and the reason for the OE code as the pump would continue to suck air.

  23. avatar Lesley Walker says:

    Ok heres my problem… Ive cleaned the filter nothing there… It just stops when it starts draining and makes a motor noise. I have someone coming to look at it tomorrow but would rather TRY and fix it myself. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  24. Lesley: It sounds like the pump may be running but not able to drain the water. Could be a blockage somewhere else in the system or even at the sink u-bend if it drains into there or a faulty pump.

  25. i just had this issue for the third time. First time, the filter was BLOCKED, so I cleaned out all of the debris (amazing what would happen if we all read and followed the maintenance) and then all was good. Had same thing a couple weeks later, not much there but repeated process and it worked. Today, I got on my hands and knees and looked behind the filter with a flashlight and in the hose behind the filter was a baby sock. used a long screwdriver and fished it out and then looked back up in there with he flashlight, while laying on the floor. I hope that is it, but it just took a good lookin’!

  26. Just had this problem, cured thanks to the advice here – a hair grip was caught in the plastic filter and stopping the pump rotor from turning.

    Thanks for all the advice and the pointer to the LG knowledge base.


  27. I have the same problem, will not drain unless I open the drain filter basket. The gray drain hose goes inside the machine with no access from the outside. I blew into that to no avail, seems somewhat clear. I have not figured out from the other posts how to find the impeller to see if there is an impediment. Mine is a front load WM2455H. When they refer to the drain filter and the drain pump filter in the manual they are one and the same, right?

    Thank you for any help you can give. I really need to keep expenses down and fix myself if possible.

  28. Doug: Yes they are the same thing. Check out the links in the article for further help.

  29. I have the same question as Vern above. How do I get to the drain pump? Am I supposed to tilt the washer and access from underneath? Remove the front panel?

    I’m getting a grinding noise during the spin cycle and the water is not draining. I’m guessing something is interfering with the impeller.


  30. Hello Matt, that’s a good article but why did you need to take all the front off? The pump should be easily accessible by just laying the machine down on its back.

  31. avatar Kelly Davis says:

    After replacing my garbage disposal this weekend I started getting the OE error code. After checking all my hoses, I found out I didn’t punch out the metal piece on the drainage return. That’s something else that cause the error code..

  32. Nice one Kelly: I have advice about that very thing on Washerhelp. It foxes a lot of people – including me one time for a while :-) Washing machine won’t empty water (stuck full of water)

  33. My “well the wife’s tumble” dryer sometimes gets the error code, and I have found that the impellor is found to be lose on the motor shaft. so on the last fix I ruffed up the shaft and applied some loctite bearing fit. It now has been working for over 12 months with no problems. Now the LG washer pumps are playing up…….. crap crap and more crap

  34. My filter basket was completely spotless and we’ve had this washer for years. I checked the hose and there are no bends or kinks. I don’t know how to get to the impellor to look at that, is there a link for checking out the lg impellor??

  35. Esther: The impeller is just behind the pump filter, with the filter out you should be able to see it and see if it turns ok. It’s possible for something like a hair grip, or rubber band to jam it.

  36. Need Help I have check the filter and drained all of the water and the washer still does not drain. What do I do next.

  37. There is a link on the main article with suggestions as to what to do if you have checked the pump and filter and found no blockages.

  38. Thanks, all…
    I fixed the problem. Help from total strangers retains faith in the goodness of others.

  39. avatar lizwingnut says:

    My machine is struggling to drain. did what LG manual suggested…. but I keep getting OE messages. I have no money now to fix this. So I jump start it with a wet/dry vac, cupping the hose of the vac for a sec with the hose of washer. the water comes fast with a little help…so, I dont think something is clogging the pump or hose. I guess the pumps bad? I saw the link with what you have to do to get to the pump….is there an easier way?

  40. went through the steps to drain and clean filter and found 3 baby socks in the filter!!!!!!! Ran another cycle and works fine. Will never refer lg washer to anyone have had for 5 years and have had factory service on it 3 times. Spend a bit more and buy another brand

  41. Hi all, I’m getting the same error and I’ve drained and cleaned the filter a couple times but the error keeps returning. I just called a repairman who told me over the phone that the pump needs to be replaced, that either it’s dead already or it’s on its last leg and the best thing to do is to replace it anyway and parts and labor will be $250. Thoughts? Thank you!!

  42. jenny: Washing machines have sadly become very throw-away, and many repairs that should be viable have become beyond economical repair, which is frustrating and plain wrong. However, it hasn’t yet reached the stage where an LG pump should not be worth replacing if the rest of the machine is ok and it’s not extremely old.

    Try someone more reputable, any engineer that claims he knows the pump needs replacing without seeing it simply based on your report that it isn’t emptying and you’ve checked the filter is not playing straight or hasn’t the vision to imagine any of the other possible causes such as a blockage elsewhere in the machine or even the drain hose, or the pump not getting any power, or a neutral return.

  43. Hi Jenny I too am having pump trouble but am a bit handy so I am going to change the pump myself. If you look on YouTube and they explain it quite well on how to do it the pump is about 50 dollars at most parts stores

  44. Replacing a washing machine pump should be a piece of cake for anyone used to diy projects, it’s normally just a small pump held on with 2 bolts, with 2 wires and 2 hoses attached to it. Knowing it needs a new pump is where the skill comes in.

  45. FYI cleaned the filter, but still water won’t drain , remove water pump and found sand packed
    inside inpeler to housing ,clean sand /mud works great

  46. avatar Steve Ford says:

    Cleaned the filter,same OE error code. Removed the pump, a 50 pence coin fell out of the large rubber outlet from the drum to the pump.(butterfly valve effect) Put it all back together again, “bingo” working fine again, many thanks to you. Spot on with your advice.Well done to you.

  47. avatar Catherine Robinson says:

    HI my washing machine seems to have the OE error periodically. It can be fine and then block. I thought load size may have something to do with it (it’s an 8Kg DD machine) as it occurs more frequenlty with a fuller load, but I can drain the water off from the front hose and then the machine kicks back into life and completes the cycle.
    I have taken the washing machine to bits, cleaned the pump although I did not take it out completely because I was worried about disconecting the electrics- QUESTION: using the useful video link on how to change the pump if I disconnect the main cable do I then need to disconnect the smaller cables from on top of the pump too? (cleaned the washing machine too!).
    I am a bit bemused and was wondering if i need to replace the pump- If I do my question above applies!

    Many thanks – in anticipation Catherine

  48. Catherine: If your fault is intermittent it could still be any of the things mentioned in the washing machine won’t drain water article. Obstructions can float about sometimes and cause intermittent faults. The pump could be cutting out intermittently but replacing it will just be a guess and may not fix the fault. Of course it might, but without observing the pump is definitely faulty you won’t know until you’ve done it. The wires on the pump only need removing if you replace the pump or want to take it totally off to inspect it.

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