LG washing machine error code OE

Error Code The LG error code OE simply means “the pump is blocked”. Presumably the water isn’t being emptied properly, but as with all error codes it is possible that there is a cause other than the error code explanation.

Basically this error means that the washing machine thinks the water isn’t pumping out. That’s probably the case, and a pump, or filter blockage is the most common cause. However, this error code could be caused by other faults such as a faulty pump, or even a blockage in the drain hose, or somewhere else in the pressure system etc.

Bizarrely, according to LG, “if the unit is not levelled properly, it will not drain properly. The front of the unit cannot be higher than the back or vice versa”. However, it probably doesn’t mean it would stop it draining the water at all, I’m assuming it just means there might be a little bit of water left in the machine.

If you have the OE error and you can see that there is a lot of water still inside the machine try this article washing machine won’t empty water.

If it seems like the water has been pumped away then it could be that a pressure system fault has stopped the machine getting the signal that the water has gone and it’s ok to spin.

This is more involved than dealing with not emptying though so unless you fully understand the way it works get an engineer – pressure system faults

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59 thoughts on “LG washing machine error code OE”

  1. The OE code is a fault saying that the washer is not draining. First clean the filter, then after that; First test is to run the unit and when it gets to the spin cycle, when it stops and no longer does anything, pull the manual drain tube and drain it, when the unit starts to spin again then you know it is the pump! Find replacement pump and install, I purchased mine from Repairclinic.com(I am not affiliated with them, just a DYI’er). When you go to replace the pump, DO NOT remove the large black basin drain tube, you don’t have to, just remove the gray drain pipe, it’s an easier repair. Once the new drain pump is installed it should work. I just did it and the washing machine works properly. If the pump is not the problem, you have something else going on.

  2. Great! I was getting the OE error code and after reading the advise on here I drained the machine opened the filter and I pulled out a colour catcher cloth!, i didn’t know something of that size could be drained out with the water! Thanks.

  3. Remove right side cover. There is a clear trap for the drain. Unscrew vent inside dishwasher to remove. Cleaned out food which was blocking one-way valve. Problem solved!

  4. I can’t get my pump filter off. It loosens & comes out a bit, but not enough to properly clean inside. I poked about and found 10p ! I was just trying to do a maintenance thing, there’s no problem. Should the filter come right out??

  5. It’s possible one could be designed to just pull forward but most pump filters should come right out. Check it isn’t jammed in by a bra wire or something tangled up. There is a small section which mentions dealing with a jammed pump filter in this article pump filter

  6. Great info here. My tub would not drain I have a top loader lg, drained what I could out of the drain hose into a bucket tilted machine forward till water was below tub drain. Removed 4 screw cover on back and took the 2hoses loose from pump, pulled out debris with needle nose pliers hook back up and works great.

  7. So. the pump was changed and everything seems to be fine with the motor but the water still wont come out…any ideas

  8. Thank you! I kept getting the 03 error code. When it was time to drain it made a horrid grind/groan and nothing happened. I unplugged it and waited 10 seconds for a reset, hit power then start. No go. I hit start to pause it, then hit no spin, start, start, low spin, start and went up through the levels while listening. A couple times there was a shift in the grind groan sound and finally it thunked! It now is working like it hasn’t in a couple of months. Water spouting out the drain! You gave me the info to figure it out. Hope this makes sense and can help someone.

  9. Thanks Jill, it could have been an obstruction inside the machine which has shifted out of the way. If the fault returns you will need to try and get it out. Hopefully it will be ok now though.

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