Tumble dryer stacking kits

If you want to stack a tumble dryer on top of a washing machine you need a stacking frame or stacking kit.

Can you stack a dryer on a washing machine without a stacking kit?

I’ve come across many people who just stood their tumble dryer on top of the washing machine. But it should be obvious that this is not a good idea.

There are two reasons why you need a stacking kit. The first is because the tumble dryer could get thrown off the washing machine during a fault, or merely vibrate off during a particularly boisterous spin.

The second reason is that a person could potentially pull a dryer on top of themselves if they pulled down on its open door.

This scenario is less likely though. The concern is aimed more at children, but it’s possible to imagine someone stumbling near by and grabbing hold of the dryer door only to have it fall on them.

If your washing machine and tumble dryer are the same brand and style, the manufacturer may have designed a frame specifically for them. This is definitely the best option if you can find one.

The trouble is that there are many different configurations of tumble dryer and washing machine, and different models – even from the same manufacturer – may have different chassis and casings.

Universal tumble dryer stacking kits

There are universal stacking kits available that are supposed to connect any tumble dryer to any front loading washing machine.

They should be cheaper than the manufacturer’s although they might not be as snug a fit. You may prefer to try a universal stacking kit if your washing machine and tumble dryer are different makes or if you find the manufacturers kit too expensive.

As with all “universal fit” products there is the potential for it to not be a “perfect” fit but if the makers say they connect all tumble dryers to any front loaders then they should do so satisfactorily or you will be entitled to your money back. Pay close attention to the sizes of appliance they quote to make sure yours will fit.

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95 thoughts on “Tumble dryer stacking kits”

  1. i have seimens washer and a seperate dryer from siemens. I am planning to stack it with the stackable kit which company provides. My question is, is it advisable to use both dryer and washer together, at a time ? or it will damage equipments? i need that as we have two loads of clothes for laundry.
    and second question is, when i ma planning for stacking, shoud i keep a company provided stand for washer or not? will it lead to more vibration n damage?/

  2. As long as the washer and dryer are plugged into separate wall sockets you should be able to use them at the same time. If there is only one wall socket available (even if you have an adapter or extension lead plugged in) you shouldn’t run them at the same time as they could overload the socket.

    If there is a manufacturer’s stacking kit available which is designed for your specific washing machine and tumble dryer it would be better to use it as it should be a better fit and more secure.

  3. Hi, I have a condenser dryer 60cm wide and would like to buy an under the counter freezer but would need to put the tumble dryer on top of the freezer due to limited space. Does anyone know if this would work if I were to use a stacking kit? Has anyone actually done this? Would the heat from the tumble dryer affect the performance of the freezer? Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance.

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