Condenser tumble dryer door water container

water container for door I am getting reports that the plastic water container inside the door of Hoover or Candy condenser tumble dryers often needs replacing. Fortunately they are very easy to fit, though you wouldn’t expect that anything would go wrong with one in the first place.

What is going wrong?

Sometimes cracks have appeared somewhere on the container. Other’s say that the plastic had split at the bottom, or that it just started leaking. This part fits right inside the door and collects all the condensed water from the drying process. It is subject to constant heating up and cooling down, which could be why they can crack or become stressed.

They should be designed to easily cope with the heating and cooling, so maybe they just aren’t manufactured well enough? However, let’s not forget that this part needs constant emptying, which involves removing it from the door and emptying it away elsewhere.
When filled to the maximum water level these containers weigh approximately 6Kg. Also, if the door is opened before the dryer has finished the cycle then the handle on the container can be very hot. Maybe many of them are just getting dropped?

Buy a replacement water container

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Ransom Spares are my recommended appliance parts company. They have a very friendly and helpful website. If you have any questions or concerns about replacing a water container you can add a comment here, or ask over at Ransom Spares.

There shouldn’t be many questions about how to fit this part. It’s meant to be easily lifted out by the user. The most common questions asked are whether the part will fit a specific model of dryer. As far as I can see the water container is the same for all condenser dryers of this type made by Candy, Hoover, and even Ostein.

Even though they have different entries in the spare parts database they are exactly the same part for all those dryers because they are all made by the same manufacturer and share a lot of their design. However, it doesn’t hurt to make sure and Ransom Spares have an easy to use model compatibility checker on each page. So all you need do is type in your model number to make sure it’s the right one for you.

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4 thoughts on “Condenser tumble dryer door water container”

  1. My hover tumble dryer water tank drips water from a small hole in bottom sought looks like it should have a plug it’s not a crack hasn’t been dropped it round hole

  2. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Slade. I’m not familiar with these tanks but if it is a proper round hole then it must be there by design. A perfectly rounded hole can’t just appear on its own. But it is also strange that you have never noticed it before. The only thing I can suggest is searching Ransom Spares to see if you can find your water tank and see if there is any sign of a bung for it. There is a possibility that the bung isn’t sold separately and comes with a new tank. Other than that you would have to try and find something to fit or contact Hoover about it.

  3. Hello – we have a Hoover T/dryer – replacement water containers last a few days – have resorted to reinforcing the latest one with fibreglass tape and resin – lasted months but now about to be replaced – cracks all over and never dropped – rubbish design

  4. First replacement was because it had been dropped but we’ve been very careful since but have needed to replace container several times now due to cracks appearing. We clean filter every use and I clean condenser regularly, it also shows issues with heat, the thin rectangular end pieces causing difficult in pushing back in due to buckling.

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