Tumble dryer not drying properly

Tips-and-tricks Is your tumble dryer not drying laundry as well as it used to and instead leaving them damper than you’d like? Here’s a quick tip regarding something that could create this fault on a modern tumble dryer.

Modern tumble dryers usually use sensors to detect the dampness of laundry inside the drum. However, lime in our water, or cleaning agents can form a barely visible lining on the inside of the drum. This can interfere with their readings. The result can be that laundry can still be a little damp after drying.

I don’t know how common a problem this is. However, it is mentioned in a technical repair manual for a tumble dryer I’ve been looking at. Bear in mind that many other faults can cause the same symptoms though.

But if your dryer appears to be working ok, except it’s just leaving clothes a little damper than it used to do it’s worth thinking about this issue.

If you suspect this is the problem, use a vinegar-based cleaning product to wipe all around the inside of the drum and its paddles.

Check the manual

Bear in mind also that the filters not being cleaned, overloading the dryer, using an inappropriate drying programme or even selecting certain option buttons may all affect the drying efficiency of your dryer.

Most dryers have an option or programme especially designed to leave laundry slightly damp too. So double check your manual to make sure you are using the dryer properly.

If the dryer isn’t drying at all, and you can see it’s not getting hot, then try this article – Tumble dryer not heating

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4 thoughts on “Tumble dryer not drying properly”

  1. The article is about tumble dryers sandralevy. If it’s drying but not leaving them as dry as they used to then it could be related to this issue but if it isn’t getting hot at all it must be a different fault.

  2. we have inherited a 3 yrs old Bellers tumble dryer from the people who we bought the flat from.
    we want to keep it in a cupboard stacked on top of the washing machine.
    It is not a condensor dryer so how can we dry the clothes without having a venting pipe or window nearby?

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