Hotpoint washing machine shows tESt in display

tESt Symptoms: Hotpoint washing machine has what looks like tESt in the display and just keeps running a short cycle on its own and won't accept a program. When it’s finished spinning, the whole process carries just on again.

Stuck in demo mode

This can be caused when the demo mode is accidentally switched on. Instead of using a combination of two keys needing two hands to press, some Hotpoint washing machines used two buttons right next to each other to put the washing machine into demo mode when pressed simultaneously. Even a leg leaning against the start and cancel buttons whilst reaching over the washing machine can inadvertently turn on the demo (test) mode.

How to turn off demo mode

To turn it off and get the washing machine working again it depends which version of software the machine is running –

All the following methods are known to work so try each one in turn – if you see "d_OFF" then you’ve successfully turned off the demo display mode –

1: Switch the washing machine on, then press and hold the centre line between the start and cancel buttons so that you are pressing them both in simultaneously. After a few moments you should see "d_OFF" if it's worked

Alternatively you may need to hold the buttons until all LEDs light up and then let go and press start/cancel and on/off.

2: Switch off at mains, press and hold On/Off & Start/Cancel buttons, switch mains back on, keep holding down buttons until D_OFF appears in display

3: Press the cancel button alone, which may deactivate the test programme

4: Press On/Off and Start/Cancel together with top left option button until d OFF appears

5: Let it run through test mode (about 3 mins) then when it says end.. press on/off and start/cancel together until d off message appears

Sometimes the main board is faulty and you can't turn it off. If you cannot turn off this mode I would telephone Hotpoint and ask them to tell you the procedure for your model giving them the model number and the serial number from behind the door. If it still doesn't work the board could need replacing – expensive.

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19 thoughts on “Hotpoint washing machine shows tESt in display”

  1. had been talked through method 4 by Hotpoint team but it didn’t work whereas your method 5 worked first time . thanks

  2. excellent advice been trying to get it to work all day used your number one first and it worked straight away thank you 5*****

  3. thank you i called out an engineer and he said i needed a new board and it would be cheaper to buy a new machine i wasnt convinced so i looked on the internet and found your page i tried your tips and it finally went off and is working lovely now you have saved me 200 pound

  4. Excellent advice, thank you. No. 5 worked on my hotpoint aquarius. Was dreading spending money on a callout or even a new machine. Called hotpoint and all they suggested was unplugging machine to reset it. They should put this in manual. Thanks again.

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