Hoover Nextra lights flashing

Error Code Hoover Nextra error codes are indicated by flashing the “start” and “pause” LED’s together. The lights should flash once every second with a slight pause in-between. If you count them (within a 15 second period) the number of flashes should indicate which error code the machine is communicating.

The error code could be anything from 0 to 11 although I’m not sure how error 0 is displayed unless presumably the lights are lit but they are not flashing.

Before deciding to replace any parts on your Hoover Nextra washing machine based on an error code you should be aware of the following advice Appliance error codes

The linked-to article explains how most error codes are useless to a diy repairer (and often not much help to a trained engineer). I would not advise for example buying an expensive module because your machine shows an error code 0 saying “module fault”. PCBs, timers and modules are very expensive and don’t come with any guarantee unless you are trade.

It’s a big gamble and if the fault remains the same after fitting you’ve wasted a lot of money. I have replaced parts on the say so of error codes and found it didn’t cure the fault. Another issue is, “module fault” doesn’t guarantee the module is faulty, it could even be a faulty connection, or the module could have been damaged by another component.

Nextra error codes

  • 0 = module fault
  • 1 = Door interlock / door switch
  • 2 = Filling time out or solenoid valve etc.
  • 3 = Pump time out (3 mins) exceeded
  • 4 = Overfill (i.e. blocked air chamber / faulty solenoid valve)
  • 9 = Faulty triac on main board
  • 10 = Faulty program selector / wiring
  • 11 = Faulty dryer board or wiring (latest interact models)

(What You Need to Know about Appliance Error codes )

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8 thoughts on “Hoover Nextra lights flashing”

  1. nohablaespanol

    This is a useful piece of information on the error codes, but would it be possible to list them all. This would help customers and technicians identify the correct part is being replaced. I also need some help in identifying an error code eleven, which is not listed in the Hoover Candy fault manual, have you come across this one?

  2. Thanks nohablaespanol: I’ve expanded the article to include error codes although most will not be useful as they are pretty cryptic and vague at times. However, even if someone sees the error code description and decides they cannot fix it themselves – that’s still useful to find out.

  3. Had problem with my hnf 7167 washing machine, it would stop before rinse and flash 7 times. I was going to order an new PCB module (£85) and fit it myself but decided to call out engineer, he replaced the motor. No problems since then; thank goodness for insurance!

  4. The lights on my Nextra flash 12 times ! (perhaps thats how the error 0 is displayed?)
    Wash cycle works fine but the dryer will operate for a random amount of time before stopping with the flashing lights, and if left gradually fills with water.
    The pump emptys water fine on a wash, the filters clean.

  5. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Tony. I never thought before about how they would indicate error 0 :-) I would suspect that it would be indicated by both of the lights just been permanently lit, that is, not flashing.

  6. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Tony. There isn’t a 12 times flashing code for the Nextra washing machines that I’m aware of. This article is about quite old Nextra washing machines so if yours is much newer it’s possible they have changed things but the codes are listed are the full codes listed for Nextra washing machines that I have.

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