Candy Trio: Combined oven, hob and dishwasher

I thought this was an April fool joke, but April has been and gone. I’m not sure what to make of this but Candy have launched a new range of products called Trio. This is a new breed of kitchen appliance taking up the standard 600mm width but combining a hob on the top, a small oven in the middle, and a dishwasher below.

It’s either madness or genius but it is certainly a fascinating idea. Clearly, combining a dishwasher with an oven will result in some compromise as with any product that combines two totally different jobs, especially combined into such a small space. They get created because they save space, and when space is at a premium a certain level of compromise is often worth accepting.

Looking at the picture I would imagine this new product would be useful in a very small kitchen serving perhaps just one or two people. The dishwasher is a 6 Place setting dishwasher and the oven is fan assisted and looks the same size as the second oven in my conventional double oven.

The thing I can’t work out is where one would fit such a hybrid appliance – especially the gas hob version. Many kitchens don’t have plumbing for a dishwasher near where the spur or gas supply is for an oven or hob, and they don’t have the gas supply or electric point for an oven and hob where the plumbing for a dishwasher is.

The plumbing for dishwashers is normally close to the sink and the cooker is commonly somewhere else. I know in my kitchen I couldn’t fit this appliance in without extensive kitchen refitting but then again mine is a normal sized kitchen. Presumably Candy wouldn’t have created it if it was impossible to install in the target kitchens.

Safety notice issued

NOTE: There has been a safety recall on the candy Trio – Candy Trio safety notice: Fire risk

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10 thoughts on “Candy Trio: Combined oven, hob and dishwasher”

  1. i have lived with one in a studio apartment and it was magic for a single person/couple in a small space. now i have my own small space i am off to buy one!!

  2. I had a candy Trio some 20 years ago and I had to replace when I could not get parts for the gas hob. The dishwasher worked without problems and the oven as well except for some initial temperature control problremsl.. When the Trio went out of production I bought a dishwasher and a zanussi cooker and I wish I hadn,’t. am 85 years of age and. I nearly gas myself twice as it is not fitted with a cut off. for the gas burners.Its sale should not have been allowed as it is dangerous.

  3. We have had one for 6 years, the only problem we have had was the plastic trim on top of the dishwasher door cracked . This was due to the heat from the oven, The answer is just leave the dishwasher door slightly ajar. If anything happens to this one we will definately get another.

  4. I’ve had a candy trio for at least 4 years. It performs perfectly. It’s the best item I have ever purchased. So practical in a small kitchen.
    Would recommend it highly.

  5. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Paul. Until you commented I’d forgotten all about these unusual appliances. I assumed they must’ve stop making them by now but a quick search on Google for candy trio seems to show that candy are still making them.

  6. Yeah Candy definitely still make them as my partner’s mother (who lives in Italy) replaced hers last year with a new one. Now I’m trying to see if I can get one in the UK, but they appear to be non-existent over here! I guess as an Italian company, Candy decided to focus on the Italian/mainland European market.

    If anyone does discover a way of getting a Candy Trio in the UK, then I’d love to hear from them!

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