Indesit washing machine light flashes 7 times

Many basic UK Indesit washing machines were fitted with a rotary dial instead of a control panel. Unable to indicate error codes with a display they instead indicate error codes by clicking the dial continuously round and flashing the door lock light a set number of times.

For example, if the door light (LED) flashes 7 times it means, “Heater relay stuck – check connections on heater and module (PCB)”.

In my experience, this fault code usually required a replacement PCB and EEProm chip. If the fault was a connection fault on the heater or an open circuit heater it usually results in the entire washing machine going dead.

Nothing will work, but the LEDs light up. Note: this symptom can also be caused by an open circuit motor and other faults.

Expensive repair

It’s always possible for a connection fault to cause error codes but the heater relay is embedded in the PCB and if it develops a fault the whole board needs replacing. I don’t recommend replacing the PCB as a DIY repair.

It is an expensive part and it will not be guaranteed unless fitted by an engineer. New PCBs do not come with the micro-chip EEPROM which would also need fitting. Replacing the PCB and EEPROM yourself is risky. If the fault is not cured you cannot send the parts back.

If you have an engineer to replace the PCB and EEPROM it will be very expensive. If you are really keen to fix this yourself and want to try another PCB there is a company that might be able to help. They are happy to deal with the general public as well as trade.

Try QER (Quality Electronic Repairs). They used to have their own website but I have heard that they have moved over to eBay.

Alternatively you can get fixed price appliance repairs here – fixed price appliance repair quotes.

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3 thoughts on “Indesit washing machine light flashes 7 times”

  1. Most helpful, thanks. Looks like i’ll probably go for a new appliance, never did like this one from the onset (should last longer than 14 month though). Last indesit I buy. Thanks again

  2. Really useful explanation out of many i have read today in relation to my flashing(7) WD12. Almost certainly a problem with the heater in the wash cycles. I may try tapping it before binning it!

  3. usefull explanation thanx and i have only had this washing machine for 14 months also indesit is off my xmas card list

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