Broken Door Glass Photos

This page contains photos of broken and shattered washing machine door glass, sent to me by affected users. It also contains a total of how many broken glass reports I’ve personally received, and from which brand of washing machine.

For full context, please read the main article – washing machine exploding door glass

See below for more details and photographic evidence.

The majority of incidents have happened whilst the washing machine has been in use, usually whilst on spin. However, there are a surprising number of reported incidents where the washing machine door glass spontaneously exploded when the washing machine was not even running.

Which brands are affected?

Below is a break-down of the total number of incidents of shattered door glass reported to me personally. It should be noted that I initially received several dozen reports back in 2008. But incidents later slowed, and eventually dropped to a slow steady trickle a year or two after. However, I still get reports at the time of updating this article in 2022.

Total reported incidents 120 – including 30 who reported the washing machine was not even on at the time (some hadn’t been used for days).

Total shattered door glass reports

I received dozens of email reports, and have seen reports on other websites. It’s not possible to work out how many have also commented on my article.

So in the interests of accuracy, my chart tally below, only includes incidents added onto comments on my original broken door glass article (from 2008), plus any sent to me separately via email from Dec 2014 onwards.

This is the total number of incidents of shattered door glass reported to me personally (120).

Note: I’ve received only a small number of reports in the last 2 years. So it does not seem like this issue is getting worse.

  • AEG – 2 (not in use 1)
  • Baumatic – 1
  • Beko – 44 (not in use 8)
  • Bosch – 8 (not in use 3)
  • Brand Not specified – 2
  • Candy – 2
  • Electrolux 2 (not in use 2)
  • Haier – 1
  • Hoover – 5 (not in use 1)
  • Hotpoint – 8
  • Ignis – 1
  • Indesit – 5
  • Logik – 1 (not in use)
  • John Lewis Brand – 2 (Made by Zanussi)
  • LG – 9 (not in use 5)
  • Miele – 13 (not in use 5)
  • Samsung – 6 (not in use 3)
  • Tricity Bendix – 1
  • Whirlpool – 2
  • Zanussi – 5 (not in use 1)


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21 thoughts on “Broken Door Glass Photos”

  1. Christina Fairminer

    This is a really interesting article. My Samsung eco bubble (new only 3 months old) has had this exact problem. Glass shattered whilst not in use (hadn’t been used for a couple of days). I’d be interested to know if people who are still having this issue in 2021 as Samsung are refusing to fix under warranty. In the meantime, please add another 1 to your Samsung tally.

  2. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Thanks for adding your incident Christina. I have added it to my list. It’s a shame that Samsung are not accepting any responsibility for this. Unfortunately as my main article on the subject suggests manufacturers are blaming customers Exploding door glass who’s fault is it? and unless an independent body investigates and finds evidence to the contrary there is very little that can be done about it.

  3. Came across this helpful site while googling ‘lg washer glass door broke’
    I’m in the US and today I came home from work to an empty house, with a shattered glass door on my 3 year old lg washer. It was off at the time, and hadn’t been in use for two days. I called them and they told me it was user error, that I would have to buy a new door myself, which of course is on backorder. Frustrating because it’s a fairly new appliance and I am meticulous about checking pockets, removing belts etc etc. Small comfort to know it is happening to others as well.

  4. Door glass on my Logik L814WM20 shattered yesterday while not in use. Seems to have imploded as the glass is all inside the drum. Majority of the glass was small pebbles but the rim was big sharp shards.

  5. We bought a new home to us where the sellers put in all new appliances and waited for it to sell. It sat empty for several months before we bought it. It’s be about 5 month and we still haven’t moved in yet. We were out of town for several days and upon returning we went to check on the condo and clean up some snow and discovered that the ELECTROLUX washing machine glass door exploded while we were out of town and nobody even being in the our condo. (New appliances on 01/07/2022) (Discovered Exploded Glass Door on 03/10/2023.) (We haven’t moved in due to some unexpected medical issues and we have needed t travel 6 hour (one way) to get medical care (8 times in 9 months). We did take “Pictures and an Eye Opening Video” that really leaves your month open and Wondering How in the World Did That Happen. Sturdyinsd

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Wow, are you saying that this washing machine has never even been used? If so, this would be quite strong evidence that the problem is due to a flaw in the glass manufacture, and not, as manufacturers commonly say, caused by overloading, or metal buttons or buckles.

      1. Ray Sturdevant

        We went to the business where they were bought and ended up talking to the head of the service dept. When doing warranty service work they need to describe the “ to, what, where, why, and how” type of questions. He said he would be at a loss of words for this case. They had a spare one that they were staling part off and the took the entire door and swapped it today. There are benefits when you buy from a Hometown appliance store. A big box store wouldn’t be able to make a repair in such a quick time.

        1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

          Thanks for the update Ray. It’s usually much more difficult to get any redress when you buy appliances through a builder, or with a new house. When you do this the builder is the retailer, but I’ve never come across any that seems to accept this, or even realises it. So when something goes wrong, they just want to pass you on to either the manufacturer or the wholesaler that they bought from. In the UK this is incorrect.

          Of course, for normal repairs under guarantee, that’s fine. We should contact the manufacturer and get the appliance repaired. But if we have a claim under the consumer rights act 2015, that’s when they become responsible.

          In your case, I’m glad you managed to get a speedy repair, and that a repair was acceptable to you. There’s no reason to believe there is anything else wrong with the washing machine.

  6. Electrolux (not in use) 5/2023
    I have never heard of the glass door of a washing machine exploding until it happened to me. This was a new machine, used only 7 times. We were not in the house at the time. My grandson, next door came to check on the house since we were gone. He called and shared pictures of the exploded glass door. We immediately contacted Spencers Appliance in Scottsdale where we bought it. They sent their repair person out to look at it. They were willing to replace the door and drum (but I said I would Never wash anything in it again with possible glass chards left behind). The Appliance store had us call Electrolux directly, who also sent out their repair person. He basically didn’t believe we weren’t home and accused us of harming the machine. We went back to Spencers Appliance who made good by delivering a new machine the next day and taking the broken one back to repair and then sell to a refurbisher. They were going to eat the loss. Spencers Appliance A+; Electrolux F

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hello Jean. Your photo did not appear, only a filename, so I deleted reference to it. That’s good news that the retailer replaced the washing machine. I think it worked in your favour that it happened so soon after purchase. Retailers tend to be more inclined to replace something when it happens so quickly and less so as time goes on, even when it is still their obligation in consumer law.

      Fortunately this article and the main article about broken door glass constitute very strong evidence that many of these incidents do happen when the washing machine is not in use, and sometimes when it’s not even been in use for several hours or more. I will add your case to my figures, which should make 29 instances where the door glass exploded when the washing machine was not in use.

  7. Stephen White

    Our Miele W1 door imploded last evening while on a normal wash cycle. It had not yet reached a spin. Glass all over the clothes in tiny shards. The machine is less than 3 years old and under a 5 year warranty. Now waiting for the Miele man to diagnose. I cannot see how it could be reused again without every piece of glass being removed.

  8. I bought a Bosch 8 months ago, it had an error code come up on the screen saying the filter needed cleaning, i cleaned it out and there was some hair and small leaves. i looked inside and it was clean and empty and put the machine on drum clean. Half an hour later i could hear loud noise coming from the laundry. The glass had exploded and was still washing with all the glass inside.

  9. so our 4+ year old Miele glass just shattered while on a light load. this is the third Miele but first time its happened. while it has a 10 year warrant the small print doesn’t cover glass! the other downside is the cost, as the door is sealed you can’t just replace the glass, so you buy as a single unit . quoted £309 by Miele, without labour – this would be more than a third of the cost of the machine! weighting up value in changing door as could buy a new machine from a reasonable brand at this price! disappointed Miele designed it this was not to mention the very high cost which can’t be justified? are they really saying the cost to them is that high?

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      It is so sad to constantly hear of these ludicrous spare parts prices for Miele appliances. I’ve always been a massive fan of Miele, and have written glowing reviews of their products. But I’ve been forced to reappraise my opinion of them as it seems it is only wise to buy one of their products at premium prices if you are what I would call, rich.

      Even accounting for the fact that you have to buy the entire door as one unit can’t justify charging more than it costs to buy some washing machines brand-new. I have my own experience of ludicrous Miele spare part prices when I bought a brand-new Miele oven recently and they wanted to charge me nearly £100 just to buy a spare metal grid shelf. Fortunately I found one from Neff, which was virtually the exact same size for £23. I examine them both carefully and I would say that the Miele one was definitely better quality, but only marginally, and the Neff one was perfectly suitable.

      Regarding the fact that the door glass has shattered, I can only recommend you fully read this article, its comments, and the main article that this subject is linked to in order to get a really good understanding of the situation. But in a nutshell, it is very difficult to prove why the door glass has shattered. I suspect there is some sort of design issue at play, either small flaws in manufacturing or the fact that they are not designed strong enough to not break. But it remains a relatively rare thing to happen. Some people have had them replaced, but others haven’t. If you had any rights it will only be with the retailer but only if you can prove it’s a manufacturing fault, which would need a glass expert’s report.

  10. The glass door on a GE W650SSN2WW washer imploded; the machine had not been used for over two weeks (we were not at home during this time). This is a new machine, it came as part of a new home about two years old, but the machine has been used very infrequently because this is a second home.

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