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Andy Trigg

Andy Trigg


I run this help site entirely by myself, an engineer with over 40 yrs experience in the white goods trade

I’ve been helping and advising the general public online for almost 20 years now. I created Washerhelp in 2000, and Whitegoodshelp in 2007.

I’ve been consulted by people like Which? BBC consumer programmes, and the general media. I’ve also carried out consultancy work for various large companies and solicitors.

My experience

Over 40 years of experience in most aspects of the white goods trade. Apprentice trained at 16 by a Hoover dealer at specialist workshops (Wigfalls 1976 to 1979). Out on the road as an appliance repairman aged 19, and self employed at 22. After that I’ve worked as a sole trader, and as partner in an independent appliance repairs & sales business employing several people…

..I’ve traded as an authorised Hoover sales dealer, and as an authorised Asko washing machine sales and repair dealer. I’ve also experienced working in a call centre taking calls from the public. I worked for major multiple retailer Comet, first as an engineer, then as part of the team working out the repair-runs for up to 14 white goods engineers.

So I’ve experienced the white goods trade from many different angles. And of course I’ve had a lot of experience as a consumer too.

Support Whitegoodshelp

If you like my sites and would like to support me, please consider using my white goods related affiliated links or adverts. That will help support my sites at no extra cost to you. Also please “like” or share my articles on social media. It will be a great help thanks. Whitegoodshelp is not big business or a faceless organisation. It’s just one man doing everything, and writing to help the consumer.

How my sites earn money

I don’t sell anything. This allows me to write in a balanced way. My articles are to help the consumer, but I also try to see issues from a manufacturer, repairer, trader and retailer point of view too. My only vested interest is to create useful and trusted content. Then hopefully my articles will continue to be read by many people. Some of whom will use my carefully chosen affiliate links.

It’s the same principle as free newspapers, except all ads are relevant to white goods and part of the resource.

I write about what’s important to me or useful to readers instead of what might generate income. So you will see a lot of articles about DIY repair safety, and appliance safety warnings and notices. I turn down a lot of advertising revenue because I want to keep all ads as a useful resource related to this site’s content and purpose. Without your support I wouldn’t be able to continue.

Consultancy work

I’ve done 2 major investigations with Which? The first was over 2 days, the second over 3 days. I’ve carried out consultancy work lasting 2 days for a large UK spares company, and recently carried out a day’s consultancy for a major retailer’s insurance company’s loss adjuster.

I’ve also worked for a solicitor as an independent expert on a case for a personal injury caused by a washing machine against a manufacturer.

Journalists and researchers

I’ve been quoted in various publications, and involved in media articles and radio broadcasts including several live radio interviews. See below for examples.

Examples of articles I’ve been consulted or quoted on

BBC Good Food Guide website

Article: Quoted extensively on Buying a new Dishwasher? article Nov 2022

The Times

Article, “Don’t get into a Spin Over White Goods” based heavily on quotes from my buying advice articles (May 2013)

Consumer article in The Times online about buying washing machines quoting from my buying advice articles (May 2013)

Quoted and recommended by Times journalist Anna Shepard in the Saturday Times (Sept 2006)

Daily Mail

Consulted and heavily quoted in a Daily Mail article warning about the dangers of leaving certain appliances running whilst no one is in the house or people are asleep (June 2015)

Quoted & recommended in Daily Mail article on low temperature washing (Oct 2011)

Telegraph: Quoted & recommended several times in the Telegraph’s Ask Jeff Howell column

The Guardian: Quoted and recommended several times

Sheffield Star: Quoted in a reply to reader on Consumer Action page

Which? Magazine: Consulted & quoted in major reports into reliability of modern appliances (Aug 2011 & June 2012)

The Independent: Recommended in Will Anderson’s column (Nov 2006)

Mentioned in a Sarah Sands article (26 Feb 2012)

Grand Designs Magazine: Quoted & recommended in washing machine feature article (Feb 2006)

In Your Home magazine: Quoted & recommended in washing machine feature article

Book of Green Household management: Credited & quoted in book (Jan 2009)

TV & Radio

BBC Radio 4: Took part in a live interview about how long washing machines last. You & Yours (May 2014)

BBC Radio Newcastle: Interviewed live on radio about national coverage of exploding door glass in some washing machines (Oct 2012)

BBC Local Radio: Interviewed live on radio about various appliance topics. (Nov 2006, Jan 2007 & Jan 2008)

The Gadget Show: Consulted by researcher about a feature on washing machines (Dec 2008)

Eco Magazine: Interviewed by French environmentalist journalist and editor by telephone for article on planned obsolescence in appliances. (June 2014)

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