Samsung DE Error

Error Code DE Error on Samsung washing machines (usually) means that “the door is open”. As with most error codes though you can’t take it literally because very often this error will display when the door is clearly properly closed. What it means is, that it thinks the door is open, presumably because it’s not getting power passed from the door lock.

Does DE error mean a faulty door lock?

It could be explained by a faulty door lock, but as this forum topic shows it doesn’t always fix the fault if you just replace the lock- Samsung Washing Machine De Error

So how do you know if the door lock needs replacing or not? Well the first thing to check is that the door is closing properly. When the door is closed, the latch on the door pushes into the door lock, it should latch firmly and activate a part inside the lock.

When this part is physically pushed to one side by the door catch the lock activates and locks the door. At the same time, power is passed from one side of the door lock to the other and on to the rest of the machine.

If the door latch is broken, worn, or a spring come off etc. it may not activate the door lock inside. Of course if the door lock is faulty the same problem will occur. Maybe even a door that has dropped and is not lining up properly any more due to wear at the hinge might fail to operate the lock properly.

It is possible for a door to close, and latch shut, but not activate the door lock properly. If everything seems OK you could always try spraying a little wd-40 into the door lock opening in case something’s stiffened up. You could also try wiggling the door up and down a bit once closed to see if it all of a sudden operates the lock.

It’s also possible that a bad connection or broken wire on the door lock supplying the power, the neutral return, or the power to the rest of the machine once activated is causing a fault. It could even be a fault inside the main PCB – but do not change the PCB without being very sure that it is faulty. They are very expensive and you can’t get your money back if it doesn’t fix the fault.


Do not reach into the machine to fiddle with the door lock with the machine plugged in. Mains voltage goes to the door lock.

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12 thoughts on “Samsung DE Error”

  1. I have just fixed the problem by taping a medium strength fridge magnet to the lid above where the magnet on the Inside right side of the front section of the lid is located. The extra magnet strength allowed the switch to be triggered when the lid closed.

  2. Hello Roddy. If it is made by Samsung we can only assume the DE error is the same As the one described in the article. If it is then the help is in the article but to be honest it was written with frontloading washing machines in mind. The top loading washing machine is different but it still has an interlock telling the machine when the lid is properly closed.

  3. Hi there,

    My Samsung front loader had the same problem. The door lock burnt out (literally black and melted) and the DE code was displayed. I replaced the interlock switch but it’s still not working, the DE code is still there. I’ve tried resetting it etc… but still no luck. Does anyone have any more suggestions?


  4. Hello everyone i did have the similar problem of dE, then i read thsee post and suddenly trace my door hidge all with the mechanism of telling when the door is closed or not. I found a crawling insects inside trapped not allowing the mechanism to communicate proper.

  5. Hi! I have a Samsung WF0500NXW Wash Machine with dE Error.
    The Door Switch was ok but i changed it anyway, check and misured wire from connector to PCB main control, check Drain Pump, Water Main and Pre Valve, Motor Brush, Replaced PCB Sub (Display) card and check Door Relay contact on Main PCB Card… but Fauly remain the same…

  6. Hello Salvo. Replacing parts hoping it will fix a fault can be very expensive and frustrating. Apart from a fault on the door latch not activating the door lock properly is seems like you’ve tried everything else. There’s nothing left to suggest except try an engineer I’m afraid.

  7. Motor wire loom broken red or black wire will cause DE code just repaired look carefully not easy to spot if in doubt rewire . WF70F5E2W4W/EU also check motor rubber mounts common fault pron to wear thus causing wire problem
    After hrs of testing door lock heater valves etc the cause was broken wire how this relates to DE fault I don’t know.
    Last month I also had DE code on Samsung 17kg washing machine caused by blocked pump that blew surface mounted fuse on main control PCB t 1.6am located in corner looks like small black chip
    Hope this info helps someone

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