How to remove soap drawer

Drawer A properly designed washing machine should have a soap dispenser drawer that comes out very easily, and obviously. But many people struggle to work out how to take out the drawer to clean it. This article gives tips and advice on how to remove one if you can’t work out how to do it.

Your first port of call should be the instruction manual. It’s almost certain to describe how to do it there. But in the absence of the manual you should be able to work it out.

Most soap dispenser drawers are designed to come completely out. There will be some sort of stopper, or latch mechanism at the back that stops it falling out when you open it.

With the drawer fully extended out there should be something obvious at the back that you need to press down on in order to release the drawer so it pulls all the way out. Some (especially the cheaper) washing machines don’t have anything to press down. If not try looking underneath the drawer to see if there is anything to push up which will allow the drawer to come out.

With some drawers there is nothing obvious at all. Some have even been designed (especially older ones) to just be pulled out with enough force to override a small stop at the bottom. The important thing to remember is that there will be some type of stop sticking out at the bottom or top and right at the back which prevents the drawer just falling out onto the floor when pulled out. Some used to need pulling out whilst lifting at the same time to ride over the stop, and others just needed a firm pull.

If you do decide to firmly pull it though, make sure you don’t hold the drawer by the drawer front, which will most likely break off. Hold the drawer by the sides close to the back. You need to be very careful before just trying to yank the drawer out. You could of course damage it. The best way to get one out is to follow the instructions. If you don’t have the instructions try to find one here instruction books and user manuals

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9 thoughts on “How to remove soap drawer”

  1. Paul from Australia


    Great website, we do not have access to this kind of information here.

    I do have one question regarding the soap draw. We have an Ariston ARXF125 where one of the soap compartments usually washes out the soap during the wash. Now that compartment is full of water after each wash. Previously, only residual water was found in the soap draw.
    This poses a problem because every time we open the soap draw we need to be particularly careful as water splashes everywhere……………….any ideas????


  2. Hi Andy, I recently cleaned the detergent dispenser after my LG F1480YD washer dryer was causing the RCD to trip the minute I turned it on. Had the Socket as well as the plug checked and everything was fine. This all took around 3-4 days while every time turning on the machine would cause it to trip RCD. Then I didn’t touch the machine for another week and a half. Then I had an electrician in my flat and I asked if he could help and surprisingly the Washing Machine (without doing anything at all) suddenly decides to work fine. I had washed out the Soap dispenser as I had noticed the fabric softener wasn’t being pulled at times. But other than that and the moving of the machine from its slot to check it, I hadn’t done anything. Could the cleaning of the Dispenser caused the machine to start working? Doesn’t seem likely which is why I wanted to check if there is anything else that may have cause the RCD to trip every time I turned the machine on. I have scheduled an engineer to come on Saturday to take it to their workshop, though I don’t want to send it off if there isn’t anything wrong. How ever if there is a something wrong, I’d rather get it checked now while the machine is still under the workshop warranty.
    Thanks for your help! Really appreciate it.

  3. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Rupa. I could have been coincidence. Or it could be that the soap drawer / dispenser leaked due to a build up of detergent or fabric softener and cleaning it out has fixed it. It could also be that the tripping was caused by water which has now dried out. I would use the washing machine normally as much as possible between now and before an engineer looks at it to see if it reoccurs or not.

  4. Hi, I have a problem with drainage of fabric softener, it’s still a lot of it there mixed with water at the end of the wash, I tried to test it under tap, drains fine all contents drained.
    Could it be caused by drawer door that is broken all rusty and needs changing, the drawer is usually hooked up to it, but now it’s kind of hanging on bearly?

  5. My washing machine is a Hotpoint wmud 9627 the dispencer drawer is type that swings out (big mistake when purchased) so can not remove .

  6. Hi my hotpoint washing machine fabric conditoner draw does not empty after wash has finished we have cleaned and it is stiii the same please help

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