Holes in clothes photos

This page shows several photos of holes that have appeared in clothes after washing. They were all supplied by my readers after reading my main article on the subject. Please see the main article on holes in clothes and possible causes

Holes in cottons

Holes in jeans The jeans are new, cotton denim, being washed for the first time, with three other pairs of similar jeans (program selected = coloureds economy E40, spin 1200). Detergent used was Bold 2 in 1, no other additives, bleach, etc.

The damage in the clothes below looks different to the holes described by many others. These holes are more tears or cuts, and it looks like the fabric has been forced through something and cleanly cut. The description of the problem was as follows – (Blue card used to make holes stand out)

holes in cotton t-shirt “For several months now I’ve been finding small holes in clothing – mostly in cotton t-shirt type material. At first I assumed it was something I was doing wrong. I’ve been careful to wash on the right speeds and not fill the drum too full. The holes remain and they appear even in clothing worn only once.”

holes in nightwear“I know the holes were not there prior to washing. Some of the holes are small and some almost look like small tear. It doesn’t seem to matter what brand of clothing – Old Navy, Target, Aeropostale, GAP. This is frustrating!”

(washer/dryer – drum capacity size not reported)

Holes in polyester and acrylic

Holes in jacketMy machine (Zanussi ZWF 1221W) is 1 year old. I have noticed small holes have appeared in some items of clothing when washed in this machine. Each of the holes is about 1cm in size. The jacket is polyester and was washed as a single item with no other items in the machine (program selected = synthetics, 40 deg, spin selector set at 1200 which for synthetics results in an actual spin speed of 900).

Holes in bed sheet

Hole in bed sheet This photo of a hole in a sheet was sent in by Henri who says the hole occurred after the first time it was washed. The hole has fraying all round the edges which is conducive with friction or being snagged on something sharp. This was the only hole in the sheet so it looks like it might have somehow caught on something in the drum such as the end of an under-wire from a bra. Objects can get caught underneath the drum (especially on the heating element and bracket). Then when the drum spins round at speed and centrifugal force pushes parts of the fabric through the drum holes they can snag on the object.

These photos were sent in by Jackie

holes in t-shirt
Holes in t-shirt 2
Holes in t-shirt 3
Holes in t-shirt 4

The one on the bottom right looks like a cut. It’s as though it’s been forced through a hole and cut. The others are much smaller. Jackie said –

Even my Miele (with a honeycomb drum) is causing damage to my laundry, much to my surprise! Did a light, coloured wash yesterday and out came a relatively new t-shirt with a hole at the front just below the neck line. I used a 40 wash with 1200 spin speed-makes no difference in my experience what programme or speed is used. Some holes are fairly tiny, but enough to ruin an item of clothing, others are quite sizeable chunks ripped from the garment. Have now invested in a huge net laundry bag-but we shouldn’t have to use one for every wash should we?   ”

I have to admit I’m struggling to see how these holes could have been caused by a Miele Honeycomb drum because they don’t have normal round holes, and the drum is specifically designed to be extra gentle on laundry. It might be fairer to say that the holes have happened despite having a Honeycomb drum. As my main article and the comments reveal, many of the holes are not actually caused by the washing machine – holes in clothes and possible causes

Don’t be too keen to blame the washing machine until you have ruled out all the other causes. I currently keep an open mind on the subject and trying to collate enough information to be able to get to the bottom of this problem.

The following photos are further examples of small holes in clothes reportedly after washing.
small holes
small holes 2
small holes 2

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