Wiring diagrams repair manuals and circuit diagrams for appliances

Wiring-diagram Unfortunately, if you are looking for a circuit diagram, or wiring schematic or even a repair manual for your washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer or cooker etc. the bad news is you could be embarking on a frustrating and fruitless journey because they are not officially available. (if you are only looking for a user manual try here instruction books and user manuals )

I get many emails from people looking for repair manuals and wiring diagrams for white goods appliances, but they are only available to the trade. Even then they are commonly only available by opening a trade account, paying a subscription and logging online into a manufacturer’s secure technical support web site. Another common way the trade can have access to them is by subscribing to them on DVD, which isn’t cheap, and needs renewing every several months or so. Gone are the days when we used to buy the wiring diagrams and repair manuals in printed form.

Another issue is that any wiring diagram or schematic is subject to copyright so no one should be publishing them on the Internet anyway. As far as I know there are no official repair manuals and schematics for UK washing machines and other appliances readily available.


I’m talking about the UK. It’s possible that in other places like the USA schematic’s and wiring diagrams may be available for American appliances on USA or Canadian repair sites.

Some washing machines and other appliances have been known to have a wiring schematic under the lid. I know Miele and a few other quality appliance manufacturers used to place a basic wiring schematic on top of the soap dispenser or underneath the lid. This does not happen on most washing machines though, especially the cheaper ones and they are often very basic

It’s always possible somebody somewhere has posted a wiring diagram on a forum in response to a request, but generally I would think the odds of finding one are pretty low. The best thing to search in Google for (if you haven’t already tried) would be the words, wiring diagram, or wiring schematic, followed by the model number of your appliance ( Where to find the proper model number and serial number on a washing machine )

There are some repair manuals being sold but these are very general and not model specific and written by third parties. All the ones I’ve seen are very much out of date although they may well still contain some useful general advice and knowledge

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  1. avatartesqueen says

    I just bought a washing machine ignis 50 and have tried all i could to make properly i did nt find the manual inside so what do i do i need the manual for me to know how to use it properly.


  2. avatar says

    Hello tesqueen. You are mixing up repair manuals with user manuals. There’s a link to user manuals on the first paragraph of the article but unfortunately Ignis are not a brand you can get much information on in the UK. I think they are American.

  3. avatarjoe bloggs says

    tried to download manual for a Beko washing machine, site kept redirecting me to buy a new one, so if I have to buy a new machine, guess what brand I will NOT be buying.

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