Washing machines exploding

Hoover Candy Hotpoint & Indesit washing machines exploding

Danger This is an updated article previously published in mid 2011 on my original site Washerhelp. (If you are looking into exploding door glass – you need this article instead door glass exploded). I’ve been following and collating people’s experiences of exploding washing machines for a few years now, which started abroad. The first reports were mostly of Hoover & Candy washing machines (see links at bottom of article) but for some reason focus has shifted to Hotpoint and Indesit washers even though I have over 20 reports of Hoover or Candy washing machines doing the same thing.

Manufacturer’s first assured us that UK washing machines were not affected, which turned out to be untrue. Then they decided there was no need to warn any customers with an official safety notice, which was heavily criticised by Which? Then they assured BBC Watchdog that only two models were affected, which again turned out to be untrue and gave a false sense of security to many.

Last night BBC Watchdog did a second feature on this story (the first being in November 2012) and both Indesit and Hotpoint have now accepted they need to issue a proper safety notice, and have done (links below).

What's happening?

The inner drums of these washing machines are coming undone at the seams or splitting on spin, which is causing the laundry and parts of the metal inner drum to burst through the top of the (plastic) outer drum and through the plastic lid and control panels. Due to the strong centrifugal forces involved on high spin the washing machine mechanically explodes throwing debris across the room. For a picture of the aftermath of such an incident see the Lad age 6 dodges washing machine explosion article on the Sun's web site.

Sensationalist headlines

Exploding washing machines reported in the press My original article was picked up on several months ago and made headlines around the world, many of them sensational. However, it does appear that washing machines with this potential to explode are in use all around the UK. Manufacturers all over the world typically try to mitigate safety issues by quoting how only a very small a percentage of the hundreds of thousands built have been affected. Whilst true, surely the only thing relevant is the potential consequences, not the percentage? Taking their argument to its logical conclusion, if a child was killed by a product with a known design or manufacturing fault a manufacturer would try to say it’s only one child but there must be a million children unaffected. Therefore it’s not the frequency – but the potential danger and seriousness that should drive this sort of thing.

What if you have one of these washing machines? Do you have one?

Hotpoint and Indesit have issued statements saying

“The incidents outlined has been identified as a technical issue with a very small percentage of washing machine production during periods of 2007 to 2009 could be affected. [sic]”

Official Hotpoint & Indesit Safety Notices

The faster spinning washing machines appear to be the problem, particularly 1400 or 1600 rpm I've commented many times before on Washerhelp that in my opinion many modern washing machines spin too fast for their quality of build. Plastic outer tubs (or drums) also play a part in allowing this sort of thing to happen, which couldn't happen when we had metal outer tubs. Spinning at such high speeds puts a lot of stress and strain on a washing machine and involves powerful forces. Do manufacturers increase the quality of motors, drums, suspension etc. when they make them spin much faster? As far as I'm aware, no they don't.

If you are concerned, you need to check your model number using the above links. If your model number isn’t officially affected but you don’t trust that it’s guaranteed to be safe the best thing you can do is –

  • Make sure people stay out of the room the washing machine is in when it's spinning – especially children. Pets also.
  • Stop letting your washing machine spin at full speed by changing the wash programme, or preferably if you have options to reduce the spin speed of the final spin reduce it to 1000 rpm or as near as they will allow. If you are seriously concerned maybe even down to 800 rpm. Logic dictates that the faster one is spinning the more likely and the worse an incident could be.

I can’t guarantee these tips will prevent any incident, and some may argue it’s an over reaction to even follow these steps. People have to make up their own mind. It is true that statistically it’s very unlikely to happen to any specific washing machine, presumably even ones with affected model numbers. The main thing to bear in mind is to limit people’s exposure to them whilst doing a load. As with all washing machines and other appliances like dishwashers and tumble dryers my advice is to never leave them on totally unattended or when in bed.

Video of BBC Watchdog’s exploding washing machines report

These are the first articles I saw regarding exploding washing machines

Before commenting

Note: This article is about washing machine drums exploding on spin and out of the top and front of the washing machine. If you have a comment about just the door glass shattering or "exploding" this is a totally separate issue and your comment needs to go here – Exploding door glass in washing machines

PREVIOUS COMMENTS TRANSFERRED: I’ve decided to copy and paste all previous comments that had been added to this article when it was on Washerhelp for reference. Therefore the first few pages of comments will appear to have come from me.


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    PREVIOUS COMMENTS TRANSFERRED: I’ve decided to copy and paste all previous comments that had been added to this article when it was on Washerhelp for reference. Therefore the first few pages of comments will appear to have come from me. If you have new comments to add please do.

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    6th October 2011 – Lorraine Hughes

    My Candy Washing Machine which is approx. 2 year old has blown up in my kitchen today causing damage to the worksurface which has been blow off the wall. Thank goodness nobody has been hurt. This is obviously a serious problem with this machine. What to do now.

    7th October 2011 – Amy

    I am a researcher for the BBC and I am keen to speak to anyone about Candy washing machines. If you can help please get in touch with me on 02920 322983.

    8th October 2011 – Sarah

    I bricked myself… My Candy CWB 110 (which i brought 2008 1100rpm) was shaking more violently today, but I wasn’t really that concerned until I could smell burning plastic and white smoke billowing out from behind and the detergent drawer…. shan’t be using it until I get it checked out! maybe a lucky escape who knows!

    (Comments transferred from original article when published on Washerhelp)

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    19th October 2011 – Merry

    My mum bought a hoover washing machine in September 2008, and on saturday 15th Oct 2011 at about 11am, 5minutes after my mum put it on it exploded. There was a loud bang and the drum had twisted and spiked out of the top of the machine. There was bits of broken plastic everywhere, a brush that was on top of the machine had skewered itself an inch and a half into the ceiling and the blast had dented the freezer next to it.

    All of our clothes that were in there were totally ruined. It also managed to blow 2 of our electrical fuses so the telly stopped working as soon as the blast happened. Thank God we didn’t have any small children running around because it could have killed someone or seriously injured them. The company has been very apologetic and they want to view the machine and issue us with a new model. Its actually made me and my mum quite scared of washing machines now :(

    9th November 2011 – Rachel

    We had a Indesit washing machine which violently exploded in March 2011. Luckily my children were in bed and not around when it happened. I contacted Indesit who replaced the washing machine but would not admit the problem was serious and warranted a re-call. I advised Trading Standards and WatchDog but have not heard anything since.

    11th November 2011 AM – Jim

    Our 2 and half year indesit exploded a couple of days ago, rang indesit and they are replacing washing machine and paying for all damage too worktops and clothes

    11th January 2012 – carol cuthbert

    I bought an indesit 1600 spin speed washing machine in ~November 2009 and it exploded last week. I had to wait a week until they could get an engineer out to look at it. It exploded and cracked the worktop above it, the unit next to it and it shunted my dishwasher over and knocked the side support for the worktop of.

    The engineer came out to look at it and said he has never saw anything like it. He went outside and phoned Indesit and came back in and said someone will phone me this morning. so I am waiting on their call. The plastic drawer and another piece of plastic blew out the front and hit me on the back, though I was well padded so it didn’t cause any injury.

    My 2 year old granddaughter was sitting at the table about 6 feet to the side of the machine and started screaming. Although the worktop was cracked I dread to think of the amount of damage and injury would have been caused had it not been under a worktop and ‘wedged’ in between the cupboard and the dishwasher as the top completely blew off.

    11th January 2012 – Lesley Checkley

    on the 10th January I heard a loud shattering noise from the kitchen, it turned out to be the glass in my Indesit IWB5113 washer shattering throwing glass across the kitchen and the largest piece which was still attached at the top was dragged inwards on the spin cycle slicing through the dog bed inside.

    I expected Indesit to be interested in this but I have had no reply to my email, on phoneing Dixon I did get an engineer to call but he was rude and basically said it was my fault for putting the foam dog bed in the washer which he says would have cause the washer to shudder and the glass to smash!! I AM NOT AMUSED, call this customer service!

    (Comments transferred from original article when published on Washerhelp)

  4. avatar says

    11th January 2012 – Craig Capewell

    Our Indesit 1400 rpm washing machine brought in 2009 has just exploded this evening. The drum has ripped through the worktop and sprayed debris everywhere . Its a good job our kids were not near it as it could have done some serious damage. We have called the manufacturer and they say they have not heard of this before… i beg to differ as looking through the internet this seems an all too common occurrence. Indesit insisted it was not there fault but a manufacturing matter. I await a manager from the manufaturers to call me tomorrow.

    8th April 2012 – Penny

    My hoover washing machine has exploded today – 15months old!!! What the hell is going on? Thankfully it was in the cellar and no one was hurt. The machine only had 3 items of clothing in it at the time. There is glass everywhere, its even damaged the rubber sealed and the plastic inside the drum. I hope HOOVER will be simpathatic on Tuesday (Easter Holidays!)

    14th May 2012 – Janet Walker

    Our Hoover vision washing machine did the same thing on Sunday (13/05/2012).My husband was in the lounge and heard a horrendous bang like something had exploded.He ran to see what it was and saw smoke coming out of the washing machine drawer and quickly turned off the mains electric.There was a smell of burning.The drum had completely collapsed and looked like it had bounced up through the top of the machine as the chipboard top was torn apart.Inside the machine looked like a grenade had gone off and there was mangled metal and bits of plastic everywhere.There was a normal load of everyday items of clothing in the machine and nothing which could have caused a problem. A pair of trousers was caught up on the broken drum and damaged. Goodness knows what could have happened if we were all out at the time as it may have caught fire. I rang Hoover today and they are sending out an engineer to survey the damage, so at least they seem to be taking this seriously.The machine was registered with them and the lady i spoke with said it was manufactured in 2008 although we purchased it new from Comet in early 2010, so it appears it is one of the faulty pre 2009 machines, trust us to get one ! I only hope we get a new machine and some compensation too.

    23rd May 2012 – karen grogan

    My indesit washing machine blew up yesterday the lid and control pannel flew off and the inside just collapsed I am waiting for a phone call from indestit it was made in 2008

    7th June 2012 – Keith

    Well,I can see why we are all having the same problem,pleased I fopund this site.I gave my daughter a present of a new IWB 5113 Indesit, at this time I should say she was luck this time around. The machine is only 20 nonths old,Black toxic smoke came out of the back of the machine. Being and engineer and now retired, I felt that I had to investigate what had caused thi serious fault. I stripped this machine down to inspect what had caused the problem. The drain pump had a leak on the pipe from the drum it was a small weep,it got into the motor of the pump and burnt through the coil which explode with a bang,it also burnt out components in the pcb board at the rear,this situation as happened from what I read here a number of time,This make this machine dangerious and not fit for purpose, especially if children are about. This situation could be avoided by adding small in line fuses in the supply wires with low ratings that rupture on overload and would avoid this type of damage, I have written a report and sent this to the store were this machine was purchase along with digital photographs,to prove the faults. This machine is an health and safety issue.

    (Comments transferred from original article when published on Washerhelp)

  5. avatar says

    26th June 2012 – Eleanor Wharton

    My Indesit 2008 purchased machine has just blown up, dials blown off, door blown open, lid blown off, work top side damaged and pushed out, which shunted my free standing oven, drum half ripped back on itself, plastic everywhere. Luckily neither I or my young children were in there at the time and to think of the times I have sat my youngsters in front of it as they love watching it as babies!!! waiting for an engineer to come inspect it!!

    24th July 2012 – sarah

    Our indesit washer/dryer was not yet 18 mnts old when it exploded black smoke loude bang unusually no major damage but seems the smoke was caused the stone weight that broke and was grating on belt? Prior to thus happening the bolts keep coming lose

    28th July 2012 – Kirstie

    Our washing machine blew up last night and is an indiest brand!! After reading this and other articles i feel lucky our washing machine was in the cellar and not in the kitchen. I’m also shocked these machines have not been recalled as expensive damage could have been caused had it been in the kitchen!! Let alone serious injury to owners safety.

    18th August 2012 – Kirsty Morgan

    Oh my goodness i am so horrified to read this! I was just trying to look up what was wrong with my washing machine and found this. Earlier this eveing my Hoover washer was on spin (1400) and i could smell a burning smell. As i turned to look at the washer there was smoke billowing out of it. I turned the dial to off and switched the plug off at the wall. The smoke continued to pour out until my kitchen was really hazy. My washer is only about a year old but having read this article i wish i’d never bought a Hoover product!

    27th August 2012 – Anna ewers

    It was my washing machine that blew up missing my six year old by seconds our machine was in the laundry which leads out to the back garden my children are constantly running past in all fairness Hoover replaced my candy with a top of the range Hoover washing machine they also replaced my tumble dryer which was dented when the top flew off the candy and also paid a reasonable compensation for the clothes torn up in the drum, all on the same day however they didn’t believe my machine had blown up and there were parts blown from the laundry thru the kitchen and as far as my bathroom doorway I asked for and sent an engineer out within an hour I told them I’d found articles from Germany of similar cases and I’d contacted the papers to warn other people about it as the type of people who buy this size washing machine need a larger drum because we have so much washing to do having small children or a big family the lady I first spoke to said she didn’t care if I’d been to the papers she was really rude so I went over her head and straight to head office who were fab! I am passionate about this model being recalled before someone is seriously hurt or worse!

    (Comments transferred from original article when published on Washerhelp)

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    15th September 2012 – Jillian Hey

    My Hotpoint super silent washing machine exploded on Thursday 13th of September 2012 luckily my ten year old girl was at school it is only a matter of time before a child is killed.

    16th September 2012 – tracey storey

    My hot point washer blew up on September 14th 2012,#my 15 month baby and i and my husband was stood in front of it it was like a bomb in my washer,my kitchen units are now ruined im now waiting for someone from hotpoint to ring me monday 17th let’s see eh mm? Some one needs to sort this out and do a recall and compensate us for damages of our property and clothing etc,some one is going to get killed soon

    21st September 2012 – Sarah Rosser

    Hi I’m a new victim of this problem. My washer was on spin last night and supposedly being a silent spin I thought it had become a bit noisy. As I approached the kitchen to switch the machine off it exploded in front of my eyes. It. The drum has smashed through the sides and top of the washer and in doing so has also smashed the side panels of my kitchen sink unit. My kitchen in devastated. I haven’t contacted Hoover yet but will do as soon as possible. I am shocked that this has been going on for so long and nothing done about it

    27th September 2012 – tracey storey

    I must say now that indesit/hot point customer service have been very good and are dealing with the incedent so far so good

    29th September 2012 – janet jones

    My Indesit machine exploded in the same manner as those quoted above on Wednesday 26/09/2012. The machine is pre 2009 luckily no-one was in the kitchen when it happened just heard an almighty bang. I haven’t yet contacted the manufactures as I have a Domestic & General policy for it so have to wait for the repair men to assess it. Any advice would be appreciated in case I am not offered a straight a replacement due to the age. I was really annoyed to find out this fault has been known about but no action taken to check these appliances.

    30th September 2012 – Washerhelp

    NOTE: I have a journalist interested in featuring someone affected by exploding washing machines in That’s Life magazine and are willing to pay for an interview. If anyone affected is interested please contact me and I will put you in touch with them.

    Janet: If you don’t get a satisfactory result from D&G you will need to pursue it with the people you bought it from under the sale of good act as it clearly has an inherent fault.

    2nd October 2012 – tracey storey

    Had a replacement for our new washer……a new model ..ndesit have asked for quotes so just waiting for the outcome??? We have to buy a new kitchen so hopefully we will get some where and i do belieave im in the daily mirror paper,( which I did not no):-)

    (Comments transferred from original article when published on Washerhelp)

  7. avatar says

    2nd October 2012 – Davis

    I am the owner of an LG washing machine model F1256QD5 purchased in July 2011. On the 24 Aug 2012 the glass in the door exploded into the drum. The machine was switched off at the tpoime. The door and glass has been replaced by LG. On reporting the fault the retort received was that they had not heard of that fault before

    20th October 2012 – tracey storey

    Indesit have been extremely good with our out come about our washing machine exploding and we are happy with our agreement :-)

    31st October 2012 – jackie fairhurst

    my fathers machine is an indicit washing machine serial no w1x l123. There is only a dial with spin on but no spin speed. Can you confirm if this is safe

    1st November 2012 – Washerhelp

    Jackie: Indesit have said, “We are aware of a technical issue that could affect a very small quantity of these Indesit washing machine models, which were manufactured between May 2007 and June 2009. Under certain operating conditions the drum seam has fractured, causing damage to the machine. What consumers can do next: If you own an Indesit washing machine WIXL143 or WIXE167 and have any concerns, please contact the Indesit Customer Service Centre on email: support@indesit.co.uk or Tel: 01733 287 843 Please have your serial number to hand when you call it can be found on the front of the machine inside the door area.”

    1st November 2012 – Washerhelp

    This story was covered last night on BBC Watchdog featuring some of the people who have commented on this article.

    4th November 2012 01:05:08 PM – rosalyn reid

    I have a Hoover Vision HD washing machine that has just exploded today. The door has blew open, the drawer has blown out, the door seal is now at the other end of the kitchen and the drum has dented all the front of the machine. The explosion has damaged all the wood seperating the washing machine and dish washer and the item that was in the machine at the time is totally ruined.

    5th November 2012 PM – teresa

    My indesit washing machine drum has just exploded,hard plastic everywhere and metal drum folded back with my clothes wedged inside it.The model is WIXL 143.

    7th November 2012 – Emma Owen

    I didn’t see Watchdog. I wish I had. I have a Hoover OPH614 which we bought in July 2009. I consider myself very lucky that when mine exploded today I was out taking my son to school. The force of the drum ripping apart lifted my worktops, moved my fitted units and cut into the flooring.

    7th November 2012 – jill mckay

    2 days ago our hoover washing machine blew up pushing up through our granite worktop spraying chunks of granite accross the kitchen. Both my husband and myself had been in the kitchen minutes before it happened – without doubt if we had still been in there we would have had serious injuries or worse. Having now looked on this site we realise this is not the freak incident we first thought it was, we are now negociating with hoover so far they have been very helful but it will be interesting to see if we can do this without going to a solicitor which we will do if neccessary to get reasonable compensation. I am still in shock as to how this can have happened and if its true that this was a known fault why these machines were not recalled or at the very least we were informed that there could be a problem.

    (Comments transferred from original article when published on Washerhelp)

  8. avatar says

    13th November 2012 – Emma Owen

    Contacted Hoover, they sent out someone to do a safety report. They delivered a new machine today. I had to send them photos and a list of the damage to kitchen and clothes. Things that I didn’t have receipts for I found similar and pasted in the link or just estimated. They rang to say that would have a payment in my account in 7-10 days. Hoover have been very reasonable about the whole thing – which of course they should be. We were very lucky we were out, and the damage was more contained than some of the other cases I have read. I hope others have a satisfactory outcome too.

    21st November 2012 – yummy mummy

    I have an Indesit washing machine model number WIXE167UK which I bought in October 2008. Last week, it made the most awful screeching noise whilst spinning ( it is a 1600 apin model ). I stopped it immediately as it was attempting to dance across the kitchen. Went onto the internet to search for what could be the fault and spotted the Watchdog report. Rang Indesit, five days later, an engineer called, fitted a safety bracket, examined the machine and it turned out to be the motor brushes which had totally worn out. Cannot praise Indesit enough, was very concerned re the reports of these machines exploding but the engineer assured me that it was perfectly ok. Brilliant service.

    30th December 2012 – kai vicker

    as an ex gias service engineer i am not suprized that these candy/hoover washing machines are exploding as there was a problem with some of the motors they used and the electrionics weren’t compatable of dealing with the new motors without been reprogrammed which cause the vision grand o ranges to jump around this was in 2007,further more the indesit company on listing 2 indeist models which are affected is a load of nonsense i know that they had trouble with the welded drum across the hotpoint and ariston range which are owned by the indesit company, you are right in what you are saying it seems to be the high spin speeds which are the problem,indesit have a modifaction which is to fit a flimse metal bar across the top of the drum to stop the lid flying off lol.

    10th January 2013 – alison wheatley

    My washer exploded 2day and if it hadn’t been 4 my solid wood kitchen I cud have been killed !? Why has no one recalled this machine? I was in the room as it happened n it was really bad I shook 4 an hour after felt like I’d been in a car crash x

    11th January 2013 – Paula Knight

    Hi, My hot point HVL 241 has just exploded! Do you know if anymore have done this?

    12th January 2013 – k.l

    I have taken a real interest in this thread our candy washer dryer was less than 90 days old and the electronics have already broken. Like others it likes to dance across the floor too! It is a candy gow475

    16th January 2013 – Nicola

    My hotpoint HVl 211 exploded today with no warning. It is less than 5 years old. So, yes Paula Knight, it seems that Hotpoint machines explode too! We are currently trying to find out if it is covered by any insurance policies we have or through Hotpoints 5 year parts guarantee. Although a part is no good – the whole thing is in bits

    21st January 2013 – Sheila

    My hotpoint HVF 344 exploded last night. I contacted the manufacturer today and they are sending someone out to assess the damage on Thursday. I hope we can resolve this between us but I am very angry that such a dangerous product is out there being used by thousands of people.

    (Comments transferred from original article when published on Washerhelp)

  9. avatar says

    24th January 2013 – Dan Mills

    Our Indesit IWE8123 exploded on Saturday (19/1/13) We heard an almighty bang and went into the kitchen to find the top of the worktop contents scattered all over the place. All the clothes inside were ripped and the next morning we woke up to find that where the concrete block had hit the worktop so hard it had caused a gas leak as our hob is integrated into the worktop. Luckily I am a gas engineer and was able to fix this problem without having to call out anyone. On Tuesday morning (the first time we could speak to anyone was monday) an engineer came out to assess the damage. He looked at the machine for a grand total of 5 seconds and said it was repairable. After much dispute and a lot of emailed photos another engineer was sent out on the wednesday.

    He did his job properly and confirmed what we thought had happened he said it was one of the worst machines he had seen in this state. The reason I go into so much detail is to inform you to stand your ground. They offered me a replacement but obviously afer what had happened with the machine and the customer service I refused saying I wanted a refund. They did agree to this and also refunded us an amount of compensation for the damaged clothes. I would also like to state that it is not just the 2007-2009 models as we purchased ours in October 2010 and the engineer confirmed it was made a month before this date. If you are reading this its probably because you have experienced a similar problem but my advice if it helps is DONT BUY INDESIT.

    10th February 2013 – Jane

    We have an IWE8123 that is just out of warranty and has started making bizarre noises and flashing up all sorts of error codes. Meanwhile, my laundry is stuck in the drum, door won’t open, can’t turn it off on the control panel, and for now it has had to be plugged from the mains as t starts itself up after a while, just making a draining noise. Should I be concerned about it blowing up? I have emailed Indesit, waiting a response.

    (Comments transferred from original article when published on Washerhelp)

  10. avatar says

    11th February 2013 – Washerhelp

    No Jane: It’s only when spinning that they “blow up”. Unfortunately the words “blow up” and “explode” are potentially ambiguous, but they refer to the laundry bursting out of the drum under the centrifugal forces of spin which is a physical explosion.

  11. avatar says

    19th February 2013 – christine lewis

    My hoover washing machine ‘exploded’ this weekend. My family said there was an almighty bang, the main fuse tripped and there was an awful smell of smoke in the house. My daughter was terrified, and now having nightmares. As noted on this link, it appears that my washing machine exploded following the drum coming apart at the seam. This is awful that Hoover are aware of the situation but have done nothing about it!

    2nd March 2013 – Kalle

    Our Candy machine starting to pour out smoke after the third wash. I turned it off and after reading the comments I will definitely ask for a total refund. This machine is not coming into our house again!

    15th April 2013 – Amy

    I have a hoover oph614 that i had brought 3 years ago and it exploded I have a 18month old and we wa very lucky that he wasn’t in the kitchen. All the marble work top is ruined the cupboard doors. If Hoover really was sorry wouldn’t they off tested there other makes and do a recall….

    (Comments transferred from original article when published on Washerhelp)

  12. avatar says

    30th April 2013 – Sally

    Our Hoover 1600 spin washing machine blew up last night. Fortunately it was at night in a utility room and only damaged a storage unit and a few clothes. There was bits of metal, concrete and plastic everywhere if anyone had been in there attending to the dryer or getting items out of the freezer a serious injury could have occured. Why is Hoover not recalling or issuing a product warning for these machines, what would happen if one did seriously injure a child.

    3rd May 2013 – Sally

    Update to Message: 30th April 2013 We contacted Hoover and the next day they sent out an assessor. He duly came and looked at the Washining machine, which he deemed ‘buggered’. We also pointed out that the WM had pushed a storage unit into the dryer dinting the side and preventing its operation (it had jammed the drum), he took photos and notes and said he would contact head office with the info. Result: A new WM and Dryer of the same or better spec is now on its way to us. Conclusion: Contact Hoover, they will replace, we estimate our WM was about 5-6 years old.

    4th May 2013 – Sarah

    My washing machine exploded today. Luckily I was upstairs on the third floor getting ready and both my boys were in their bedroom on the x box which I had told them not to do! However, I am glad for once that they disobeyed me otherwise they would have been in the kitchen!! Huge bang, tripped electric, drawers damaged, sink moved, shrapnel everywhere and a completely mangled inner machine!! Had to cut my sheets as completely shredded and entangled in metal. Had not heard anything about this until I spoke to indesit who informed me of the problems and sending engineer next week. Already ordered new machine as cannot be without one. Not an indesit though!!

    8th May 2013 – a evans

    my HOTPOINT KEEPS making extremely loud bangs when spinning is it safe or should I get the Engineer in.

    9th May 2013 – Washerhelp

    Check to see if your model is one of those affected by this issue using the links in my article, if it is I would contact them.

    (This was the last of the 50 comments transferred from original article when published on Washerhelp)

  13. avatarAnna Squires says

    Has anyone had an indesit iwc6105 blow up or having problems? Neighbours when spinning sounds metally and banging against sides .

  14. avatar says

    I just entered the model number into Indesit’s safety notice checker (linked to in my article) Anna. I didn’t have a serial number, which it asked for but didn’t complain when I didn’t put one in. It just said no need for further action.

  15. avatarJames says

    Hi I have a Hotpoint WMF760 at risk from this problem I don’t want there make do repair job that will not stop the front coming out of the machine, What are my options? please help

  16. avatar says

    Yes as far as I know the “modification” is simply a metal bar placed on the top under the lid to limit or prevent the drum and tub from bursting out of the top. If true, it is the first time I’ve ever head of a safety notice where a modification isn’t carried out to prevent the dangerous fault but merely to limit its effects. If the modification does not prevent the drum from coming apart in the first place (i.e a new inner drum) I would think you have a case against the retailer under the Sale of Goods Act. I would have thought that all this evidence would be acceptable proof that these models have been sold with an inherent fault.

    I personally would not accept a solution that left my washing machine potentially to self destruct at any time it spins. If the manufacturer will not replace it with a totally unaffected model, or replace the drum you will need to fight your case with the retailer. It’s unfair on them, but that’s how the consumer law has been designed and large retailers at least should be able to get compensated by the manufacturer.

    Maybe the manufacturer is thinking if the drum no longer bursts out of the top of the machine it’s not dangerous any more so they no longer have any safety issue. But if they have not fixed the inherent fault in the drums they still have a situation where they have made faulty products available for sale. Under UK consumer law though, they may only be responsible for making the machine safe from harming customers, so if that’s their position the onus falls on the poor retailer who unwittingly sold it.

  17. avatar says

    What is an inherent fault?

    A fault which is present at the time of purchase.

    • An error in design so that a product is manufactured incorrectly
    • An error in manufacturing, where a faulty component was inserted. The “fault” may not become apparent immediately but it was there at the time of sale and so the product was not of satisfactory standard

    It should be noted that people may not be entitled to a brand new washing machine, only “compensation”, which can mean a free repair, or if they compensate by refunding money they can take account how much use you’ve already had from it and reduce the amount accordingly.

  18. avatarhelen says

    My washing Machine [Hoover Vision Hd 1400 ripped open like a bean can while spinning, smashing all the interior up, and parts of the outside, and my washing, I phoned hoover up on the 3rd of may 2013 (all quite helpful as normal sales crap!! took place) he said my machine is still under warranty and is between 3-4yrs old, and if I open up a direct debt plan £13.99 a month for 12 months they will get a man round in a week and if he can repair he will [ under the £13.99 plan – for free] and if he can’t fix it – I will get 40% off a new machine, I said I would think about it and get back to him – I have since read all the dangers and happenings of these machines [on watchdog etc] and hoped for a better response from hoover and the hoover man said ….. he would get a man round and do a safety check but if it turned round to be a waste of time they would charge me??? – what do I do? – please help, I phoned trading standards who done nothing more than advise me of the sale of goods act.

  19. avatar says

    Hello Helen. It sounds like you’ve just been given bog-standard spiel. How can a visit from an engineer be a waste of time when it’s clearly been destroyed? The person on the phone has just rattled off the sales speech without listening to what has happened.

    The scheme they’ve tried to sell you is presumably very successful for them as they get £168 off everyone they persuade in to it. I don’t know enough about it to comment whether it seems a fair scheme or not but most people have to pay more than they needed to in order for it to work, and in any case it’s totally inappropriate for someone who’s washing machine has failed catastrophically due to a known inherent fault.

    You need to ring them back and tell them the drum has failed because of a known fault and serious safety issue, and they should be replacing it. If they don’t help, you need to go to the retailer you bought it from as it’s unfortunately their responsibility under UK consumer law. They sold you the washing machine which was faulty at the time. No one knew of course, but the fault allowing the drum to come apart at the seams has to be a manufacturing or design fault, and that’s why it should be classed as an inherent fault because it was there when sold.

  20. avatarduncan wood says

    we too recently suffered the experience of the exploding washing machine, it was just like an explosion, we emailed hotpoint indesit who as usual did not admit any liability, we changed the machine to a zanussi the same week, hotpoint were not at all helpful , the company we purchased the new machine from removed the “exploded one” and we arranged for hotpoint to collect this from them as they delivered to this local company twice a week and they are still collecting it!!!, eventually we advised them to skip the offending machine, I will not purchase a hotpoint.indesit machine ever again as they have totally disregarded the health and safety aspect of this problem, surely if a modification was necessary they could have traced all machines and serial numbers easily, as do car manufacturers when a fault is found

  21. avatarlisa says

    After seeing watchdog a few weeks ago I noticed that my machine (indesit wixl143 1400 purchased in 2008) was one of the ones affected by this fault. I phoned the helpline number an was told yes my washing machine was one of the ones possibly affected by this and an engineer would come an check it out.
    The engineer came today but im not sure he was telling the whole truth! He said mine was not one that was a potential risk because it was a 48 litre drum an not a 52 litre?, also he said it wasnt made in the factory where the problem ones have come from (apparently theres 4 diff factories which used different drums??)
    He gave me a printout stating that my machine was ok to use.
    Jyst wondering if anyone else has had this or if anyone has any advice or thoughts on this as I have 2 small children an have lost all confidence in ghis washing machine??? Thanks xx

  22. avatarMrs Lamond says

    We have just had the in fortune to experience a ‘exploding’ washing machine Hoover OPHS612 – this machine was purchased in June 2011 – not exactly on ‘old’ machine. We have contacted Hoover/Candy customer services via the store we originally purchased from on the 2nd May (with photo’s of the machine) and to this day they still haven’t even had the decency to call. Plus as we’ve been waiting for a response from them we are still without a washing machine. Fortunately we were out at the time but had we been at home (with our three granddaughters) I’m afraid there would have been a chance of personal injury (is this what it would have taken for them to reply). What should we do now?

  23. avatarstephanie wharton says

    my indesit washer bought 2012 started smoking and sounded like it was going to blow up sounded like the drum was full of metal this happened while in fast spin the model num was on web site as affected indesit wont replace what can in do ?????

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