Why no wiring diagrams repair manuals and circuit diagrams for appliances?

Wiring-diagram If you are looking for a circuit diagram wiring schematic or even a repair manual for your washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer or cooker the bad news is you could be embarking on a frustrating and fruitless journey. They are generally not officially available.

In the UK it’s very hard to get circuit diagrams or repair manuals

I get many emails from people looking for repair manuals and wiring diagrams for white goods appliances. But they are only available to the trade. Even then, they are commonly only available by opening a trade account, paying a subscription and logging online into a manufacturer’s secure technical support web site.

Another common way the trade can have access to them is by subscribing to them on DVD, which isn’t cheap, and needs renewing every several months or so. Gone are the days when we used to buy the wiring diagrams and repair manuals in printed form – or at reasonable prices.

Any wiring diagram or schematic is subject to copyright. So no one should be publishing them on the Internet anyway. So as far as I know there are no official repair manuals and schematics for UK washing machines and other appliances readily available.

There are some exceptions

It seems that there are plenty of schematic’s and wiring diagrams available for American appliances on USA or Canadian repair sites, but not so much for the UK. Some UK washing machines and other appliances have been known to have a wiring schematic under the lid.

I know Miele and a few other quality appliance manufacturers used to place a basic wiring schematic on top of the soap dispenser or underneath the lid. This does not happen on most washing machines though, and even if there are the diagrams can be very basic.

It’s always possible somebody somewhere has posted a wiring diagram on a forum in response to a request. But generally I would think the odds of finding one are pretty low. The best thing to search in Google for (if you haven’t already tried) would be the words, wiring diagram, or wiring schematic, followed by the model number of your appliance (Where to find the proper model number and serial number on a washing machine)

There are some appliance repair manuals being sold, but they tend to be very general and not model specific, and written by third parties. All the ones I’ve seen are also very much out of date although they may well still contain some useful general advice and knowledge.

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24 thoughts on “Why no wiring diagrams repair manuals and circuit diagrams for appliances?”

  1. Well Andy I was a factory tech that worked every thing from audio to rf and let me tell you yes the actual IC can have thermal as well as date code or process problems before the unit is even shipped. That’s what I mean to many good talented people have been reduced to board swapping without getting down to root cause analysis, they don’t see how that transistor operated the relay when the digital count was reached by the counter IC etc. or what circuitry is used to decide how to maintain safety as in hot, cold, pressure level. How many times boards are swapped for a capacitor that has shorted or opened causing an oscillator to send the wrong frequency signal when did not know it was an oscillating circuit, well believe or not people at home even at this level could diagnose that kind of problem if the had the circuit diagram. Don’t tell customer service that NO…NO…NO!

  2. Yes you are much more qualified than a white goods engineer. Right from the start they are only trained to exchange whole boards when it could just be a small bit of soldering or 1 little capacitor to change. We never questioned it and I suppose it made it easier for us. I used to look for and repair dry joints but I wouldn’t have a clue about fault finding a faulty capacitor or resister.

    Also, there are no parts available for the boards. You would have to source equivalents.

  3. I have spent 10to12 days trying to find wiring diagram for my W1714 washing machine, to no avail. I have done maintenance electrical and mechanical all my life. Cut story short. I have found one in my machine. I am willing to share this with you as I am certain you can do with is .

  4. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Thanks Pablo. It’s a shame you didn’t find my article first as I say in the article that Miele are one of the brands that often put a circuit diagram under the lid in their washing machines.

  5. PCBs are repairable (not user-repairable for the majority of users) and not viable for field guys as the UK market can bear buying whole new boards An ET would be able to figure it out *in time*as In industry an repair shops there’s not often the luxury of schematics and layouts. Like with all equipment follow the traces
    You think third party schematics and PCB layouts of telephones and laptops came from manufacturers? No such luck.No, they were scanned and drawn up by enterprising folks who wanted to repair them to component level because modules and boards are out of financial reach in places like russia, china and the sub-continent. There’s more of a need to repair to component level.. It’s an evening’s work to sketch out a section of a board A draffy could draw one up in a day. Clones are laboriously reverse engineered with little OEM documentation.
    You’ll need a microscope to work on smaller than 0805.
    The machine may be beyond economical repair if firmware is involved ergo a reader is required or if a test jig is required to test I/O or scope the board, control panel or bus between them.

  6. Sure you can faultfind components Andy Trigg . Aluminium capacitors ‘dome or spit out electrolyte ‘, classic C17 on some hotpoint boards, resistors go open, a PSU resistor on the corners of Hotpoint WMF, WMDs. Regarding schematics Pablo, in China, Russia etc there;s little regard for copyright compared to the UK which is why you’ll find service manuals and schematics uploaded there, not here.

  7. Most Currys Chinese made Logik machines via Partmaster have a service manual pdf you can down load for free complete with colour pictures, wiring diagrams, fault codes. The english translation in places is a bit wibbly wobbly but Chinese to English is always a trifle dodgy.
    Miele wiring diagrams are kind of useful but are in German. Usually you find they have been nicked by previous repairers in anycase. You have as much chance of getting repair info out of Miele as of winning the lottery. What you have to ask yourselves is why! If a £200 machine has a service manual for free on-line why doesn`t a 1200 quid machine? We all know the answer to that question.

  8. Charles Miller

    The average western household will get through and scrap a large warehouse full of cars, washing machines, fridges, and other appliances, many or even most of them would have been repairable to greatly extend usable life and reduce waste and growing recycling costs. We are now at the peak of this waste-generating cycle and pressure is growing for user-maintainable products to reduce wastage and end the use of non-recyclable environment-damaging materials. When I was young we repaired most items in the home and machinery at work and we need to ‘design for maintainability -and longevity’ to stop the un-necessary waste-producing that the profit-only motive has lead us into.

  9. My workshop has just received a control unit out of a Hotpoint washer/dryer in which a drop of water has caused track damage, (short circuit) and four blown SMD resistors. I could easily repair the tracks and work out the resistor values from the remaining un-burnt numbers, but there is no way I would sleep easy knowing this unit was back in use where it could burst into flames. Probably never happen, but any repair reduces board reliability and the risk is far too high to consider – you don’t know what other damage has been caused outside the control unit. I used to repair aircraft electronics and it was always at the back of our minds what could happen to 300 passengers if the repair failed at 40,000 feet.
    This is probably why responsible manufacturers don’t release any circuit diagrams, they are protecting their customers and their reputation.

  10. Have a hoover washing machine model pfa137-80 inner drum bearings worn out ,while I was out buying new bearings my son in his wisdom decided to take wires off connections have fixed drum son can’t remember how wiring was fixed ,I found three leads that went in to place but not rest have been trying to get a wiring diagram but no joy its like looking for gold . I have been to two washing machine repair shops where I buy my parts but not one has a diagram of wiring , they say every thing is done by computer, looks like I will have to get new washer

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hi D. That must be very frustrating. I always recommend taking a photo before doing anything. Aye, as this article describes, the diagrams just aren’t made available. Where are the wires from?

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