White Knight gas tumble dryer

I suspect many people have never even heard of gas tumble dryers. White Knight are one of the only white goods manufacturers that make them. So they are pretty much a specialist product. I’ve received a press release regarding White Knight’s 7kg “carbon friendly” gas tumble dryer.

Carbon friendly gas tumble dryer

White Knight are owned by Crosslee, and have specialised in tumble dryers for many years. They usually make budget priced but decent tumble dryers. This product is of interest because it claims to have a very low carbon footprint and running costs. However, it must be remembered that it needs a gas supply to run as well as electric.

I’ve enquired as to how much it’s likely to cost to install one and was told, “on average, installation costs around £100.” This is a one off cost, but it would take several years to recoup through reduced running costs unless you are replacing a very inefficient dryer or unless you tumble dry a lot.

There are A rated electric dryers with heat pumps that are not too far off the efficiency and carbon figures for this gas dryer – however, they are still “higher”, are more complex and take much longer to dry clothes so a gas tumble dryer is a viable option to consider.

White Knight claim several benefits over an electric dryer

White Knight say a gas tumble dryer has the lowest running costs. It also has the shortest drying Times (The BG44AW is the fastest drying domestic tumble dryer in the UK drying a full load in 60 minutes). They also claim that they have the lowest Carbon emissions.

However, I must point out that the figures used to promote the dryer are mostly comparing with C rated tumble dryers. I was initially very suspicious of this, but a quick look at common dryers on sale from Hotpoint, Indesit and Hoover etc. show that many of their dryers are in fact only C rated (which I’m surprised at). Hopefully this will improve.


British manufacturers Crosslee, Europe’s largest independent tumble dryer producers are launching their first ever 7kg capacity gas tumble dryer range. These unique products are a reaction to an increase in consumer demand for larger more powerful machines with low CO2 emissions.

More than 40% of UK households use a tumble dryer and almost 4 million dryers are sold every year. Tumble dryers account for a massive 4.3% of the UKs entire domestic energy consumption (Figures from MTP). This percentage could be significantly reduced if the UK was to convert to gas tumble drying.

The Market Transformation Programme, a government funded organisation reporting on sustainable products, states that gas dryers could significantly help the government reach its CO2 emission reduction targets. These simple facts helped contribute to White Knight gas dryers being backed by the Energy Savings Trust, now sporting the Trust’s Energy Efficiency Recommended logo

White Knight has also teamed up with Carbon Footprint Ltd, the company behind the carbon reducing website Carbonfootprint.co.uk. The website now highlights the massive benefits of the gas dryer by comparing its CO2 emissions and running cost to an electric equivalent in their home appliance energy consumption comparison table.

Andy Stevenson at Carbon Footprint Ltd says, “the new 7kg gas tumble dryer is the silent hero of CO² reduction, an extremely worthwhile product and excellent addition to our website”.

Gas tumble dryer fact sheet (small pdf document).

Should you Buy a Gas Tumble Dryer?

Personally I’m not so sure. The idea is novel, in the sense that they have always been electric. Gas obviously has advantages, and if you look at it from an environmental point of view maybe it’s a more important option for these times.

They are a lot cheaper to run than an electric dryer. But we do now also have heat pump tumble dryers. They also use very little electricity, though unlike a gas dryer, they achieve the savings at greatly increased drying times.

My main concern, apart from the expense and potential impracticality of having a gas tumble dryer installed, is repairs. As far as I can see there are very few appliance engineers that can and would repair a gas tumble dryer. Any engineer would have to be Gas Safe registered. Most appliance engineers aren’t because they don’t repair any gas appliances.

White Knight have confirmed that you even need a Gas Safe registered engineer to connect it up too. It also appears that even White Knight’s own service agents (who repair white Knight appliances, “both in warranty and out of warranty”) do not repair gas tumble dryers once out of their warranty period. See comments below for more details from people who have bought one.

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45 thoughts on “White Knight gas tumble dryer”

  1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    I’ve sent a repair query to one of my affiliate appliance repairers (Go-Assist). They repair gas fires, boilers etc. They also repair tumble dryers. But no mention of GAS tumble dryers. I’ve asked if they repair them and mentioned the Lau 1 certificate. If they don’t repair them, and I wouldn’t be surprised, then bearing in mind that even White Knight’s own agents don’t repair them once they are out of guarantee I would have to conclude and advise that it’s pointless buying one.

  2. I would agree .
    I did lots of research before buying and was unaware of cert lau1.
    I now have an uninstallable drier.
    I will be getting in touch with trades description .

  3. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    I don’t believe that anyone needs an extra certificate to install a gas tumble dryer Mark. Gas Safe only said you need a Gas Safe registered engineer to install. White Knight also don’t mention Cert Lau 1. And if you download one of their gas dryer installation manuals from their site it doesn’t mention it either. I am still very unclear about this certificate and whether it’s just something someone can add to their CV or mandatory. But if it was mandatory surely there would be much more information about it on the Internet.

  4. Andy I’m just passing around info .I don’t know where my gas safe registered engineer has got this from either.
    But still remains most wont install ga tumble driers .

  5. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    I would expect any gas fitter should be able to install all the pipework and bayonet fitting to supply a gas dryer. It shouldn’t be any different to installing pipework for a new gas cooker or gas fire.

    Once the pipework is installed, any gas engineer should be able to connect a gas dryer up as it literally only involves a push and twist of the bayonet fitting and checking the condition of the hose and fixings. I can’t imagine a more nice and easy job for them :)

    When it comes to repairing one though, that’s when it seems to all fall down as even White Knight’s own agents won’t repair them unless they are under warranty.

  6. Finally got drier installed.

    Gas safe is not enough to install these driers.

    Must have lau1.

    Went to commercial installers of launderettes.
    They have lau1 cert

  7. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Thanks for the update Mark. I’ve always assumed that any gas safe engineer could install the pipework and bayonet fitting as it is all standard stuff. I wouldn’t expect the gas supply and fitting to be any different from that for the gas cooker? Does the gas tumble dryer have a standard bayonet fitting?

    I’ve just spent another half an hour trying to find out more about this elusive LAU1 Certificate. It really is hard to find out anything about it. The vast majority of results are just people selling courses. Apparently the course can be completed in an afternoon and for as little as £60. So clearly it is extremely basic.

    However I’ve realised that being gas safe registered is not a simple registered or not thing. Each gas safe registered engineer is qualified to work on certain gas products. So some might be registered to only work on central heating boilers. Others may be registered to work on gas fires and central heating boilers. And others may be registered to work on gas meters, gas cookers and so on.

    This LAU1 certificate means gas safe engineers can work on gas domestic appliances. I just found this page where you can search for a gas safe engineer to repair or install gas tumble dryer. There is a filter where you can select gas tumble dryer.

    When I first entered my postcode, my local gas safe registered plumber came up first. I’ve used him several times for general plumbing services and repairs and servicing to my gas boiler. However, when I selected the filter to find someone to work on a gas tumble dryer, he disappeared from the listing. So it appears you are right and being gas safe registered only allows you to do certain things.

    So if this is the case then yes, White Knight should clarify their advice that you need a gas safe registered engineer who is also registered to install and repair domestic appliances. Having said that, when I search for such an engineer/installer using the link I just posted I received 16 results – all of whom where within 7 miles from my house. So based on that there do seem to be plenty of people who are okay to install a gas dryer.

    Maybe there are lots of areas where there are far fewer. I live near a major city. But presumably White Knight believe there are plenty of registered engineers available. But without more explicit advice from them most people are likely to assume that any gas safe registered engineer can install a gas dryer. Which is quite unhelpful.

  8. Hi all

    The bayonet fitting doesn’t look like a standard cooker fitting and the yellow hose is so thick.

    Still took me 4 months to find engineers who would install.

    Wish I could add a photo.

  9. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Mark. Send me a photo using my contact link. I’m happy to use it in my article. Does nothing come up when you put your postcode in on the link? It should be a lot easier to find someone using that link.

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