Samsung error code 5E

Error CodeSamsung washing machines can display an error code 5E. This means the washing machine has a, “water drain error”. It’s basically timed out on empty. So it’s tried draining out the water for 10 minutes and the water level still hasn’t fallen below a specified level (or at least it thinks it hasn’t).

This error should be able to be reset by pressing the Start/Pause button. But if there is a fault, it will need fixing or the error will just return.

What can cause this error?

A washing machine not emptying the water can have various causes. So has a washing machine thinking it hasn’t drained the water when it has. It’s necessary to work out which fault is causing the 5E error.

Is the water not pumping out, and clearly still inside the drum? Or does it appear to have drained away most of the water but then stopped with the error? Did you hear the water going down the drain ok or did you hear nothing being pumped out?

To troubleshoot this problem the first thing to check is the pump filter, which could be blocked. Obviously don’t bother looking at the pump filter if the water is being pumped away. This is only likely to be relevant if you have the 5E error and you can clearly see that most of the water is stuck inside the machine. I have extensive advice on diagnosing pump faults here Washing machine won’t drain water (stuck full of water)

Another possible cause could be if there is a fault on the pressure system so that the water is being pumped out ok but the control board is not getting a signal that the water has gone. So it still thinks there is water inside which causes the error when it gets to a spin. This is more complex, but some advice is in this article – Faults on pressure system

If you can’t find anything using this advice I’d call an appliance engineer out.

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27 thoughts on “Samsung error code 5E”

  1. First I got all upset since its my daughters new machine, then my son in law came home saw this article and promptly found a babies sock stuck in the drain at the bottom left of the front of the machine. Thank goodness. Works fine now.

  2. If you mean that you get the 5E error but the water has successfully drained away then the fault is more likely to be with the system that detects when the water has gone, which is the pressure system. Follow the link in my article.

  3. I too had the 5E error on my WF8802RPF machine, and after cleaning the debris filter and all the pipes, the error remained. I diagnosed it as a pump fault by doing the following…

    1. disconnect the wires to the pump, then clip a mains test lead (Mains lead with plug on one end and crocodile clips on the other) to the two pump terminals making sure no exposed leads can touch any other part of the machine.
    2. using a suitable hose, extend the drain hose over the top of the machine and in through the front of the machine, so that the drainage water will flow back into the machine when the pump is running.
    3. manually fill the machine with enough water so you can see it in the bottom of the bowl but it doesn’t spill out the front of the machine with the door open.
    4. Power the pump on (preferably through an isolating transformer if you have one for extra safety ) and the pump should have sufficient power to push the water over the top of the machine and back into the washing chamber. If not, it can only be a blockage (between the bowl and the pump or the drain hose) or a faulty pump.
    A good pump should be able to lift the water at least a couple of feet above the top of the machine…mine wasn’t even reaching the top of the machine which meant it was never ever going to pump it to my drain.

    I contacted the local Samsung service centre and obtained a replacement pump for $115 including GST
    After fitting it, I carried out the same test and there was a dramatic improvement…the flow rate was greatly improved and it lifted the water 2-3 feet above the top of the machine.

    The pump unit consists of the impeller and the electrical coils and is secured to the drain housing with 3 screws. There is a plastic surround that will need to be unclipped and transferred to the new pump unit, and you should note the orientation of the pump unit on the drain housing for correct installation. (Take a photo of the whole assembly before removing the 3 screws so you have something to refer to when you assemble it)
    I suggest carrying out the same test with the new pump to confirm it is pumping correctly before wrestling the machine back into it’s original place….these suckers are a little heavy and awkward to move!
    Good luck.

  4. My washing machine was not pumping water out so i went and bought a new pump after instaling the new pump now all it wants to do is pump water only what could i do to fix this problem please thank you

  5. Hiya, I bought machine in 2014 n was happy then every no and then I had the 5E appear, I’d sit n drain from the emergency flow at the bottom front filter and valve, this was fine as only done every few months, now it’s on every wash, the leads have no kinks, the filter is empty n clean (I was very surprised how clean) the water pressure is fine, I’ve tested it with empty load it ok put small load or any amount of washing in it it will stop n say 5E. Any advice will b good please .

  6. Sorry Anonymous I’ve put all the advice I could think of in my article. Either there’s an intermittent fault or blockage causing it to occasionally not drain the water or there’s an intermittent fault on the pressure system as mentioned in my article. Intermittent faults can be difficult to diagnose even if you are an experienced repairman so it may not be easy to deal with on your own. All possible causes though are described in the article and within the related articles it links to.

  7. Hello!

    I had the 5e problem so drained the machine by opening the filter, cleaning it and opening the emergency drain tube.

    The black emergency drain tube has now completely detached from my machine and I can’t work out or see where in the washing machine it is meant to attach to.

    Please help!

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