Gorenje washing machines

I was attending a trade meeting and saw a presentation by the sales director at Gorenje UK. I’m often asked about Gorenje washing machines and I must admit I hadn’t known much about them before this presentation. The first thing I learnt was how to pronounce the name properly, which is always nice to know. The j is pronounced as a y, and the e more like an A, so it’s “Gorenya”.

Although Gorenje are relatively new in the UK they are a very well established company selling washing machines and other products in 70 countries. From what I can see Gorenje UK make decent quality washing machines with a 5 year parts and labour guarantee. I also like the fact that they are one of the few companies that work closely with independent repairers and local independent retailers, which should help local repairers to be able to fix them.

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15 thoughts on “Gorenje washing machines”

  1. shelliestarbells

    Gorenje Washing Machine: I wish I had never bought it. Throughout its warranty life (12mths) I had two doors replaced, the chip board and motor. Now, at just 5 yrs old, the drum is making a noise like a steam roller. I expect a little more life span than this.

  2. mrs julie ransom

    dont bother to buy one of these washing machine not 2 years old yet bearings gone been waiting 5 weeks for to be fixed what a joke as the lady above said sounds like a steam roller

    1. How I wish I’d read comments before buying a Gorenje washing machine! During the spin cycle my machine began to vibrate loudly and within seconds the glass in the door literally exploded and blew out across the kitchen. The machine is just over two years old. I contacted Gorenje by email and phone calls because I was concerned primarily about the safety issue, to date I have been passed from one department to another and back again by unhelpful and disinterested staff and have had no response to my emails. Evidently Gorenje are not prepared to look into what caused this to happen and will not respond to my query as to whether anyone else has experienced this problem.

  3. Purchased a Gorenje 13 months ago. Has a 5 year warranty. It has started to make a loud noise on spin cycle – sounds like a jet engine taking off. Diagnosed as a cracked drum. Now waiting from Gorenje to approve the repair – . The customer service and after sales care is lax and the impression I get when I call them is that I am a pain in the neck. I expected a machine with a 5 year warranty to last 5 years without anything needing doing. Having said this, up until the point that it went wrong I was actually very pleased with it – cleaning very good, very good quick wash and generally an all round good effort for the money. However I am less that satisfied. Waiting to see if Gorenje can pull something out the bag to fix or replace machine.

  4. We have a Gorenje washer with 5yr warranty which sounded great. It breaks down three times a year, it now shakes violently and tries to walk out of the kitchen. It seems that no matter how many times it breaks the sub-contract will not replace it. It has jost leaked and damaged our oak flooring and probably more damage below.

  5. Multiple breakdowns over a few years period are very frustrating. If you’d had several breakdowns within the first few months they might be more inclined to exchange it, but once you’ve had the machine a year or two no one wants to exchange them even if they’ve been nothing but trouble. One extra problem for brands like LG is that they don’t have their own engineers, and use third party networks of engineers to carry out their service work which adds an extra complicated layer to things.

    Only the retailer who sold it to you has any obligation to replace or compensate if you have any valid claim. It would depend on exactly what faults have occurred and how much the washer cost, and how it’s been used. If it was washing for a family of 5 or 6 for example it might be deemed that it’s not surprising it broke down so much but if only washing 2 or 3 times a week for a single person or a couple it might be seen as having been not fit for purpose or not being of durable quality under the sale of goods act.

    Multiple, and different breakdowns are the hardest to claim for, and after 2 or more years it’s very hard to get them to do anything unless taken to the small claims court or unless you have the backing of a consumer group or someone like Which? Only the retailer can be pursued for a possible free repair under the sale of goods act Sale of Goods Act for faulty appliances?.

  6. our£339 washing machine ,30 months old needs a £142 repair to the PCB….phone Gorenje not least bit interested…..how long do you expect a washing machine to last….rubbish machine,rubbish company.

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