Which is the best washing machine to buy?

Best? If you want to know which brand available in the UK has the best washing machines it’s Miele (Miele awarded best domestic appliance brand again). They are so far above anyone else they are outstanding. However, they aren't necessarily the best washing machine for everyone, there are pros and cons to buying expensive, quality washing machines. Read my overview about them here Miele build quality review.

A look at the best washing machines

If cost is not a problem though I don’t think you can better a Miele washing machine for build quality and sophistication. Many models come with a 5 or even 10 year warranty.

It's not necessarily as simple as picking the best quality. Another important consideration should be how easy it is to get it repaired in the future. Washing machines tend to be the most likely household product to need repairs. Therefore how expensive these repairs may be, and how easy it is to buy spare parts or get technical information, should also be an important consideration.

Unfortunately, spare parts for the higher quality washing machines such as Miele are a lot more expensive than a Hoover or Hotpoint and sometimes remarkably expensive. To an extent this could be partially because they think they can get away with higher prices because the washing machine costs so much to replace, but we have to expect that if a washing machine is built to a higher standard, the parts will cost more to make. Some of these parts can be extremely expensive, and many question how fair the spares prices are. In theory though a quality appliance can often sometimes run a very long time without breaking down. My own washing machine is a Miele W3740, which we’ve run virtually every day for the last 8 years and it’s never broken down once.

Looking for cheaper recommendations?

If these prices are too much you might look at some of the "normal" washing machines across in the right column-

More research into best washing machines

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