Where is the model or serial number on a fridge or freezer?

Serial numbers and model numbers for fridges and freezers always used to be on the back (as with many other appliances). My own fridge only has its serial number on the back. Fortunately most manufacturers have now had a eureka moment and realised they should be much more accessible.

A model and serial number on a modern freezer should be on a label inside the compartment. It’s sometimes at the bottom but it could be anywhere. Remove drawers from the bottom of the freezer one at a time until you find it.

On a fridge, the serial number is often on the inside wall side next to the salad drawer. Remove the salad drawer to find it. On a fridge-freezer the serial number may be in the freezer compartment.

They are usually silver but can be white, and are usually on the left side.


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  1. thanks for the info, the samsung website offers no help in finding the serial number whatsoever, for those interested, I have a samsung rs21, the serial number is on the left outside at the bottom right hand corner

    thanks for the pointer

  2. Tnanks Phil. Have you seen the safety recall notice about the Samsung RS21? Samsung RS21 and RS60 range fridge freezers safety notice: Potential fire risk

  3. yes thanks got a letter and went online, thats when the games started “hunt the serial number” “hunt the model” etc I won in the end, already had issues with this rs21, new fan needed after 18 months, it was only throug a site like yours that I discovered it had a 24 month warranty, nice to get info for free like your site mate

    keep up the goord “word”

  4. For model and serial number try looking in the documents that came with the appliance, thats how my wife got the numbers …..( for samsung F / F )

  5. avatar Annie Bygrave says:

    Have searched high and low for the serial number on my Fridgemaster freezer but it seems to be nowhere. Looked on absolutely every surface inside – no labels. Looked on every surface outside including the back. There are numbers on the compressor, but they do not start with S/N so not sure if any of them are the serial number or not. Have looked through the instruction manual and at the stick-on A+ energy label provided. Nothing! I want to fill in the guarantee form but can’t without this number. Have since read online that the Fridgemaster company has gone bust so maybe the serial number label has been removed (does this mean there is no guarantee anymore?). I bought the freezer only last week!! If I had known I would have bought a different brand. Any advice re serial number location or on the guarantee situation would be very welcome.

  6. Hi Annie. It shouldn’t be that hard to find, so maybe someone removed it, although that would be highly unusual. If the manufacturer has gone bust the retailer is the only one you can turn to unless you bought it by credit card in which case you ma be entitled to a refund under section 75

    Check out my articles here and consider taking advice from consumer groups like Which? or CAB

    This article is about retailers but should be similar for manufacturers – Buying appliances online: What if the retailer goes bust?

    Buying faulty appliances with credit cards – protection

  7. avatar Annie Bygrave says:

    Thank you so much for your reply! What I finally did was try to register for the warranty online using one of the numbers on the compressor. The online registration actually accepted what I put, so either by chance I hit upon the right number, or their website’s auto checking is crap. Either way I have received a certificate of warranty from Fridgemaster, so I’m happy. Whether or not I could claim on the warranty later if I need to is another matter but fingers crossed I won’t have to. Thanks again for the support
    all the best


  8. Ha ha Annie, their form is clearly rubbish, as you suspected a number on the compressor is not what they need. Numbers on compressors are just put there from the manufacturer of the compressor and that’s rarely the manufacturer of the actual appliance but hopefully everything will work out OK.

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