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Reviews help with buying decisions There's never been so many different washers to buy. Why do we need so many brands? Most of them are nothing special and extremely similar to their competition. In fact much of the so-called competition is often just other washing machines made by the same company – all made to virtually the same standard even sharing some parts. (Who owns who? Who really makes your washing machine?)

Repairmen know appliances best

washing-machines-for-sale Instinctively, we tend to trust what our repairman thinks about a washing machine. Most people would tend to trust their judgement over that of a salesperson in a store. After all, who knows more about the washing machine? Only the makers I would say, but they are biased. My archived reviews are listed on the left column. I hope to resume my reviews soon.

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Best Retailer

John Lewis Brand One of the main advantages of buying a John Lewis brand appliance is the extra warranty you get, which on white goods appliances is 3 years.

3 Years warranty

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