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Book appliance repair Free help on most aspects of UK washing machine repair by an engineer with 30 years experience in the trade. Articles related to finding and dealing with an engineer, advice on disputes with engineers, call out charges etc. Plus many articles giving help on fixing your own washing machine covering most common faults and problems.

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Help for fixing common washing machine faults

Repair-troubleshooting For do it yourself repair help, see my list of the most common washing machine problems – troubleshooting washing machine faults

DIY Repair Safety

Danger Trying to repair your own washing machine if you aren't qualified is dangerous, although there are some simple repairs that can be tackled. If you are determined to have a go yourself, then please read the important advice about DIY repair safety which also includes tips on things to watch out for after carrying out any repairs so you don't introduce new faults. Particularly note the advice in the first link below –

DIY Help DIY repairs have become more popular – or even necessary – as the cost of professional repairs have become closer and closer to the cost of buying a new machine and especially now the economy is so bad but it could end up being more trouble than it's worth, so you should be confident you know what you're doing before tackling any repairs yourself.

You should seriously be aware of the potential dangers, and never work with electrical appliances unless you are competent to do so. (For example, some washing machine modules can now give an electric shock even after the washing machine is unplugged!)

DIY Repair Tips

Advice Relating to Professional Repairers

Expert There are many issues relating to having a washing machine engineer call to your house which are covered in this repairs section.

Common problems

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