Washing Machine Rental

Rent Appliances With many modern appliances being so expensive to repair and not lasting very long some people may actually be better off renting instead. For an article looking into why read this – Renting washing machines

Forbes Rentals specialise in renting out new household appliances, tvs and even mobility scooters amongst other products. They started out as a small local shop and have grown to a company employing approximately 180 staff and covering most of England

Forbes cleverly specialise in renting mostly Bosch washing machines and appliances, which gives them chance to really get to know the appliances they look after and buy spares in bulk to keep costs down. Bosh are a decent make of washing machine and pretty reliable according to Which?

Washing machine rentals


Here's what they offer –

  • 10 day free trial
  • Free delivery and free installation
  • Same day repair service: If appliance goes wrong they’ll replace or repair it the same day if you call before 10am
  • They only rent out Bosch washing machines (who have a great reputation)
  • Renting allows you to upgrade and keep pace with new technologies and more energy efficient appliances
  • Most UK areas are covered

At Forbes Rentals we pride ourselves in delivering top quality service. If you call us before 10am Monday to Saturday we will aim to resolve your Appliance problems on the same day. We have our own service department and pride ourselves on repairing all our products in house.

Rent an appliance

Rent a washing machine or home laundry appliance

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