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Washing machine detergent from the past

washing machine detergent Life used to be much simpler, especially where washing machine detergent was concerned. I’ve just found a fascinating old publication by one of the leading detergent manufacturers Unilever – but back when even their name was simpler and they were just called, “Lever”.

Dishwasher Making Whistling Noise

Believe it or not, a dishwasher making whistling noise could have an unexpected cause. According to a dishwasher manual I’m just reading, one of the “malfunctions” it advises on is if, “there is a whistling noise during washing”. The advice is that this is not a cause for concern, but to try using a different brand of detergent.

Using all in 1 multi tab detergent

 Unlike washing machines, dishwashers need to be set up for the correct water hardness levels. Manufacturers use factory default settings that try to be suitable for the average house in the UK. However, as water hardness varies considerably from area to area this means yours could be set too high or too low. If using all in 1 multi tab detergent -especially in a soft water area you might be able to stop using rinse aid altogether and save money.

Have you calibrated your dishwasher for multi-tab detergent?

 Dishwashers are designed to wash dishes using a combination of detergent, salt, and rinse aid. They have always been designed to work like this with each component doing a specific but vital job. However, we now have multi tab detergents that claim to do away with the need to use salt or rinse aid. So if you use 3 in 1, 4 in 1, or all in one (multi-tab) tablets many dishwashers now allow you to optimise the settings for them, which alters the way they work.

Limescale In Washing Machines

Limescale-damaged-element This page looks at the effects of hard water and limescale in washing machines and plumbing. Limescale removing products are just dealing with symptoms and not causes. After research, I’m writing about limescale and hard water, in a non technical way and looking into water softener products.