Problems after fitting carbon brushes

Fitted new carbon brushes but the motor still doesn’t work

Puzzled If experiencing problems after fitting carbon brushes there are some things you need to check. Did the motor run before you replaced the brushes? (Maybe they were replaced because they were sparking, or the motor was struggling, or simply during maintenance). If it did, then it’s clearly something you’ve done whilst fitting them in.

If the motor wasn’t running before you fitted brushes, there’s still the possibility something went wrong during fitting, but with the added complication of the possibility you misdiagnosed the fault, and either other parts of the motor are also faulty or the fault is caused by something else. (Were the old brushes actually faulty? This diagnostic article contains useful diagnostic advice for all carbon brushes, with pictures)

1 Make sure motor plug is connected to the motor, and connected properly. If it is, unplug it and check the pins in both the motor connector block and the motor plug to make sure none of them have pushed inwards when they were pushed together. Gently press down on each pin in the motor block to see if any push down under slight pressure – only gently though, we don’t want to create a fault that wasn’t their before.

2 Check that the small wires on both carbon brush holders are connected and connected properly. Ideally, check continuity with a test meter across the carbon brushes to make sure they are contacting the commutator properly. Test by measuring with a continuity test meter across the two appropriate pins in the motor plug block on the motor so that you are testing down one pin, to a carbon brush, then across the commutator over to the other brush and then up to the other pin.

3 Take the brushes back out and make sure one or both haven’t stuck inside their holders. If the motor did run for several washes but then packed in check to see if both have been making good contact. If one is charred it may have been stuck in the holder. This can especially happen on older Hotpoint or Creda brushes if you didn’t release the small brass lug properly. The brush should be able to be pressed all the way in and spring straight back out when you let go.

4 Research the Washerhelp forum under the Hotpoint & Creda section. Try searching for "carbon brushes". You may find a solution there. Try searching also for TOC. The TOC (thermal overload cut-out) in the motor may have blown. You will need a continuity test meter to test for this.


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