Hotpoint WD washer dryer flashing lights – error code F03

Error CodeModern washing machines indicate error codes by one of 3 ways. The more basic ones usually flash a single light a set number of times in a cycle – eg. Error F03 might be indicated by the door lock neon light flashing 3 times, pausing for half a second or so and repeating. Other models display the error code in a digital display – eg. F03. Some can also indicate error codes using a combination of flashing option lights

    Hotpoint error code F03

    F03 = “NTC fault – check Thermistor and module connections”

    The Hotpoint WD (& WF) range of washing machines can indicate error codes using the last method. Here’s an example of a model WD 440G with the following option buttons

    1. Drying High Heat
    2. Reduce Creases
    3. Rinse Hold
    4. Time Saver
    5. Extra Rinse

    Where number 3 and number 4 lights are flashing (as well as the on off switch) this indicates error code F03

    What is an NTC?

    I have a description of the NTC with some diagnostic help in this article – How to test an NTC thermistor

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  1. avatarPeter says

    Well written and most informative article.

    I would add to it that even though the machines show up an error code 03 I have found that it doesn’t follow that the thermister is faulty or open / Closed circuit, so before anyone rushes off to buy a new one, there’s a number of steps I have taken to try and find out what is actually at fault.

    I removed the thermistor to check for visible damage, i.e. burnt or broken parts. In my case, I found nothing. I checked the connections from the unit to the PCB for continuity and all was well. I took the PCB out to check for cracks, dry joints, water contamination etc. I observed a few joints that appeared a little suspect so I re- soldered them and cleaned the board all over and applied some wd40 for added protection.

    My dryer, I have found will work o.k. In normal dry heat mode, but not on high heat. The thermistor is working as the live to the element is switching off & on as I tested with a probe but on high heat mode the machine goes into the fault as described by the author of this thread. I can only presume at this stage that maybe there is a possibility that the thermistor has outlived it’s working life an although working efficiently at low heat, cannot cope with the high heat and isn’t knocking off when it’s supposed too and as a consequence is causing the machine to overheat and resulting in the fault Code 03?

    I do not know if they have a limited life, but knowing how manufacturers work, I presume they are not built to last? My last machine was or is a Wd22 which I’ve had for some 12 / 13 yrs and was relatively straight forward to maintain! I’ve replaced pretty much everything on it but the dryer motor gave up the ghost and decided that rather than spend the £100 +, I would get a more up to date model. Wise move? At this moment in time I am having my doubts!!

  2. avatarAnonymous says

    thank u Andy. very clear. have this exact problem of F3 error on Hotpoint Aqualtis AQGMD 149 washer dryer. not sure whether to take the time to open in up and test the thermistor, order one, wait with sodden washing, then fit that only for it maybe not to work… or as above just buy a new one.

  3. avatar says

    Cheers. It’s always possible there’s a dodgy connection on it Anonymous. Could try gently pulling on the wires to see if one comes out or not. If so it would at least look more sure it needs replacing. The thermistor should be fairly cheap and easy to fit – you can order one here – Buy washing machine thermistor but if you don;t feel inclined to mess about that’s fair enough. There is always the possibility of it not working along with the possibility of fixing it. Let us know if you do fix it by any chance.

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