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How to find model and product numbers on appliances

Where to find the proper model number and serial number on a washing machine

The model number is often (but not always) essential. Don’t make the mistake of assuming the model number will be enough because it often isn’t, nor that the name and number on the front panel is the full model number because most often it’s not (Buying appliance spares – 5 things you need to know).

Examples -

  • Zanussi and AEG use Production numbers (usually beginning with 9)
  • Bosch use an E-nr number and Fd number
  • Indesit model numbers are on the front but they often have extra letters on the back of the machine (or behind the door) which can be vital – and the serial number is often vital
  • Hotpoint and Creda use the model number and date code (first 2 numbers of the serial number)
  • Many other washing machine manufacturers use the model number and the serial number

The safest bet is to write down all numbers you can see on the rating plate. Or maybe take a good photo of the whole rating plate on your phone so you have all the possible numbers.

Where are the model / serial numbers and rating plates?

The current trend is to put a small rating plate with the model and serial number behind the door, either on the shell near the door seal or on the back of the door itself.

Some model / serial numbers may be behind the filter door (if a filter is fitted) or even behind the kick strip at the front base of the machine.

Some have model/serial numbers at the back of the machine, either as the only one, or as a duplicate of one elsewhere on the machine. Sometimes the rating plate at the back of the machine has numbers not available elsewhere.

The most important thing is to get as many numbers from the washing machine as possible. To be on the safe side, try to get all numbers from the rating plate that look like production numbers, serial numbers or date codes. If you cannot find this information without moving the washing machine, and moving it is awkward, try the model number first as it could be all that’s required anyway.

Finding model numbers on appliances (Detailed advice including diagrams of how to find the model and serial numbers on a range of white goods appliances)

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