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F01 error code on Hotpoint washing machine

F01 error code on most Hotpoint washing machines means “motor triac short – check motor and module connections”. This isn’t the type of error code helpful to most people so you may well be better getting an engineer in to look at it.

The triac is an electronic component usually in the control module (PCB) or other printed circuit board. I don’t know why the suggested action is to check connections if the fault is that the triac has shorted. This error is likely to need an engineer and maybe a replacement pcb but a determined DIYer may decide to check all connections as suggested. Electrical components shorting out (if that is indeed what’s happened) very often have external causes such as low insulation on another component, which also need diagnosing.

A company called QER may be able to repair the pcb or at least test it if you are prepared to have a go at fixing it yourself QER Module / pcb repairs – non trade

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  1. hotpoint WMF740 16 minutes F-05 error code
    remove pump clean out put back together
    now showing error code F-01

  2. derek: I can only assume some motor or pcb connection may have been disturbed or even some water could have got onto something and shorted out a component.

  3. Hotpoint Aquarius 7Kg washing machine – suddenly F-01 error code this morning. Couldn’t cancel or turn off so switched off at fuse board. Back to machine, set it washing and away it went. It completed cycle but because of my wife’s skin condition and the fact that the rinsing is so poor we have to rinse everything twice I set it to do a rinse cycle. Same error code so off at isolator again, no joy. Did this a couple of times and it’s 30 mins into it’s 45 minute rinse cycle at the moment and going strong!! Any ideas anyone other than “Short circuit motor triac”?

  4. Sorry Mike, all my thoughts on the F01 error are in the article. It’s possible there is a connection problem with it being intermittent but all you can do is look for something obvious in the motor and module connectors. If you can’t see anything you need an engineer.

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