Could you quote your model & serial number if the door was jammed shut?

Tips Here’s a tip for washing machines and tumble dryers and possibly dishwashers too. If you ever need to call an engineer (particularly if under guarantee) or need to find a spare part for it you will need to use the model number, serial number, and in the case of many makes some other special numbers printed on the rating plate.

This would be impossible if the fault you are experiencing happens to be that the door is jammed shut because these numbers are usually found round the back of the door. Make a note of them now, take a photo of them or write them down. The numbers are sometime duplicated on the back but it can be equally impossible to pull a washing machine out if it’s tightly fitted in a kitchen and the door is jammed shut.

Sometimes the numbers can also be behind the pump filter door flap or even behind the kick plate strip at the bottom of the front of the machine.

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  1. avatarWMUser says

    Manufacturers should put the sticker containing the model number and other important details inside the filter flap cover, on the other side of the flap itself.

    Maybe anyone reading this BEFORE their machine breaks down in future should write down all the information that’s on the sticker hidden behind the drum door, then stick this paper onto the inside of the filter door. Just remember you’ve put it here if the main door is jammed shut! D:

  2. avatar says

    Thanks WMUser: You’ve reminded me that sometimes the numbers can be on the back of the pump filter door or even behind the kick strip so I’ve added that to the article.

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