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Consumer-advice Much of the UK consumer law is ambiguous and at times contradictory. The Sale of Goods Act gives us the right to have a faulty appliance exchanged if it fails within 6 months but it also gives retailers the right to reject a claim for a replacement if replacing it would be “disproportionately expensive compared to carrying out a repair”. This often leads to conflict between the customer and a retailer and sometimes needs a small claims court to decide.

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Consumer rights on repairs

Repairs Category Consumer rights covering appliance repairs come under the buying services rights section of the Sale of Goods Act. The main rules are that repair work should be carried out with "reasonable care and skill, finished within a reasonable time and (if chargeable) at the cost agreed beforehand, or at a reasonable cost if you were unaware of a cost before".

Unfortunately the definition of "reasonable" is somewhat flexible to say the least, so conflict arises when the customer and retailer or engineer disagree on what is reasonable. I have many articles related to consumer rights on appliance repairs in the Articles filed under Consumer Advice / Consumer Issues category.

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