Clothes come out of washing machine hot

Hot-water-tap Have you got clothes coming out of washing machine hot? Laundry should be cold when coming out of the washing machine, they’ve just been rinsed several times in cold water. The temperature of the cold water varies throughout the year, so in winter the clothes should be a lot colder (and therefore feel wetter). In summer they should feel dryer and slightly warmer – but not "warm".

If washing comes out of the washing machine hot, or particularly warm then the most likely explanation is that they've been rinsed in hot water. This is caused when the cold valve is accidentally connected to the hot tap. It is surprising how many times I've come across this, and sometimes people have been using their washing machine for years like that. Needless to say it's very wasteful of hot water and causes the washing to come out quite creased. Sometimes the hoses appear to be connected to the right tap but because of a faulty installation it’s not

Hot-water-tap For a detailed explanation of how washing machines can end up connected to the hot supply by mistake see my white goods help article – Laundry comes out of washing machine badly creased?)

If washing is just coming out warm read this – Should the washing come out warm or cold?

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  1. avatarLinda says

    My washing machine is connected o the cold water valv and sill comes out hot can you nswering me please

  2. avatar says

    Hello Linda. If it is definitely connected to the cold water then it should be impossible for clothes to come out hot. Have you doublechecked that it is rinsing in cold water regardless of whether the pipe is blue, or the tap is blue you have to ensure that the water coming through is actually cold water and doesn’t run hot. If it is definitely only cold water coming through I can’t imagine how the washing machine would work perfectly okay but managed to heat up the water on rinses to be hot. It takes too long to get the water hot and rinses only last several minutes.

    Check my follow-up article which describes how plumbing connection faults can cause a washing machine to be rinsing with hot water laundry comes out of washing machine badly creased However if your washing machine has been connected to the plumbing for a long time and this is a completely new problem, and the washing machine is not been disconnected than presumably it is connected properly but that just leaves a mystery as to how the washing machine could be heating up the rinse water when there isn’t enough time for it to happen plus there are built-in safeguards to prevent it from happening.

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