Clothes come out of washing machine hot

Hot-water-tap Have you got clothes coming out of washing machine hot? Laundry should be cold when coming out of the washing machine (they’ve just been rinsed several times in cold water). However, the temperature of the cold water varies throughout the year, so in winter the clothes should be a lot colder (and therefore feel wetter). In summer they should feel slightly warmer (and therefore dryer) – but not “warm”.

What If the Laundry Is Hot?

If washing comes out of the washing machine hot, or particularly warm then the most likely explanation is that they’ve been rinsed in hot water. This is caused when the cold valve is accidentally connected to the hot tap.

As unlikely as this sounds it is surprising how many times I’ve come across this. Sometimes people have been using their washing machine for years like that.

Hot-water-tap Needless to say it’s very wasteful of hot water and causes the washing to come out quite creased. Sometimes the hoses appear to be connected to the right tap, but because of a faulty installation it’s not.

For a detailed explanation of how to check if your washing machine is connected to the hot supply by mistake and to see all the possible explanations for why laundry might come out of your washing machine hot see my help article – Laundry comes out of washing machine badly creased)

If washing is just coming out warm read this – Should the washing come out warm or cold?

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21 thoughts on “Clothes come out of washing machine hot”

  1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Sharon. I can’t honestly think of any possible cause for washing to come out hot other than it is rinsing in hot water. How positive are you that it is connected to the cold water supply? Even if it is connected to a tap that has a blue marker on it is still possible that the tap has been erroneously marked as cold. Unless you are hundred percent sure it is cold water I would disconnect the hose from the washing machine and run it into a bucket for at least 30 seconds to make sure it is actually cold water. Alternatively an easier method would be to put it on the rinses and after it has started filling up for 1 of the rinses carefully opened the drawer and check the temperature of the water.

    Failing that the only other explanation is that it is aborting the cycle before it gets to the rinses and that would be why the laundry is hot because it has not been rinsed. All of these explanations are covered in detail in this article laundry comes out of washing machine badly creased

  2. Hi, my clothes had been coming out warm for the last week or so and the cycles appeared to be taking a lot longer than they had previously. It appears that our Indesit IWDD7123 moves on to a drying cycle even though it has neither been programmed to nor has the drying timer been set for any period. This was confirmed when I stopped the cycle part the way through and took out the clothes which were too hot to hold but after they had been rinsed. The cycle timer ‘hour’ number is faulty (shows a 3 instead of a 1) so not sure if this is linked.

    1. Hi Jamie,

      Just trying to fathom this question out – clothes coming out of an Idesit washing machine hot.

      I suspect the same thing that the drying cycle is coming on despite not choosing it.

      Did you manage to fix it?

      Thanks for any advice

      Holly :)

  3. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    No. It’s connected to the hot water supply instead of cold water. There should be another tap next to it. If not that’s quite bizarre – maybe a dishwasher (some of which can be connected to hot water) was previously plumbed in there.

  4. It’s hooked up correctly and it’s not been doing until recently. I turned the hot water valve off and it’s still steamy

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hello Sandy. If the washing is coming out hot, and it is definitely not connected to the hot water supply, then the only other explanation I can think of is that it is not doing any rinses, and is maybe aborting the wash cycle. If a washing machine carries out the wash cycle, then pumps out the hot water, and then commences with at least three or four rinses in cold water, it’s impossible for the clothes to be hot at the end.

      Some people have wondered whether there could be a fault causing the heating element to be energised during the rinses. I’ve never seen that, and to be honest even if it did happen, rinses don’t last anywhere near long enough for the heating element to heat up the rinse water.

      Another theoretical, though unlikely possibility is, it could be going into a drying cycle after finishing the spin.

  5. I have a Maytag MHW6630 front load washing machine, my clothes are also warm and somewhat steamy when the washer is finished. Could the motor that powers the spin cycle create enough heat to cause the clothes to warm up inside the drum?? I did not have this issue with my top load washer. I think because the drum is sealed and the spin cycle is so intense the heat from the motor might be causing the warm clothes.

  6. my clothes have been coming out hot for a year now when i wash them on the hot setting, the machine would also never finish the rinse cycle and would stop right before final spin, they just today replaced all the pipes in my building, now the clothes at the end of the cycle is cold and the machine does not skip the final spin cycle anymore. im confused since i just moved into this place a year ago. is it supposed to be cold at the end even tho i selected the hot wash? as for the pipes they were not switched or anything just replaced.

  7. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello T. If clothes are coming out hot, it can only be because they are rinsing hot water, or they are aborting the rinse cycle after the end of the wash. The latter would result in laundry that hadn’t been rinsed though, and I would have thought that would be blatantly obvious. The most likely cause is that the pipes were incorrectly connected up, or “correctly”connected up but because the previous parts had the wrong colour tap fitted were actually supplying hot water instead of cold. This would have been fixed either intentionally or just as a consequence when the pipes were replaced.

    Having said all that, the cold water supply being hot instead of cold could not account for a washing machine skipping the final spin cycle. So it may remain a mystery. Hopefully everything will work well from now on. Yes, it doesn’t matter how hot wash cycle you put a washing machine on, the washing machine always finishes with three or four rinses in stone-cold water. And so laundry should always be cold when they have finished. If they are hot, there is something wrong (Should clothes come out of washing machine hot or cold?

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