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CDA PC62SS American Fridge Freezers safety notice



Yet another fridge with a potentially dangerous fault. These are the most dangerous fire risks because we can’t turn them off and they run 24/7. Tell others about Whitegoodshelp to help keep them safe.

CDA: Important Safety Notice

CDA have organized a home-visit and repair programme for all PC62SS American Fridge Freezers manufactured between March 2005 and June 2006 to deal with a potential component failure. In very rare cases there is the potential for internal sparking to occur and in consequence damage to the appliance.

CDA request that all customers who have a PC62SS to contact the Contact Centre on 01949 862012 or email at which point a more detailed review can be conducted to determine whether the appliance is affected and an appointment scheduled.

Read the full safety notice here at Trading Standards PC62SS American Fridge Freezers safety notice

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  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    are there any upright frost free freezer’s included in the most recent scare regarding Beko products. I have seen email addresses with some comments, so prefer not to give mine

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