Advice and resources related to buying washing machines

If in the market for buying washing machines these articles contain advice and help. There are also many resources and links to help buying. Please consider using affiliate links on my site which help keep it running.

Pros & Cons of washer dryer v separate

Pros & Cons This article is a pros and cons summary for my more in depth article asking – washer-dryer or separate washing machine and dryer – which is the best? The contents of this article were originally squeezed into the side bar of the first article because it was too big to fit in the main section, but I’ve now moved it here to make it more prominent and easier to read.

Washing machines to avoid

 It’s hard to believe that anyone could make a washing machine these days that didn’t wash laundry properly. I can well understand how they might make one that’s just poor quality and unreliable, but surely it’s very simple to make them at least wash laundry properly during their short life? It’s not rocket science, they just fill up with water, heat it, swish it around with detergent until clean – then rinse and spin. There can’t be anything remotely hard about that.

Are eco labels on Washing Machines misleading?

Value How much value do the eco labels have? If you only compare washing machines using these labels you may make a poor choice. When first introduced, the eco labels were an eye opener and showed up big differences in performance and energy usage between various makes of washing machine. However, after being in operation for just a few years almost every washing machine now has a good wash rating, and even the worst washing machine I can think of can boast a top rating.