John Lewis give 2 year guarantee on white goods appliances

Why subscribe to Which?

Which? In these tough times, wasting money is not an option. Careful researching before spending money on expensive products and services is more necessary than ever. Which? have a genuine no-strings trial offer. For only £1 you get the following benefits –

  • 1 month access to all the information on  Which? Online
  • Access to Which? Local – a database of Which? members recommended tradesmen and reviews
  • A copy of the Which? magazine delivered to your door
  • Access to Which? Legal Services
  • Phone Ask Which? telephone helpline for advice and recommendations on products when out shopping
  • Phone Money Helpline for financial advice
  • Everything else featured in the form on the next column
  • (See the full details at Which? What do I get when I take a trial? )

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The catch?

All for just £1

All for just £1

It would be ironic if there was a catch, some strings attached, because Which? are renowned for looking out for the consumer. If you decide after the 1 month trial you don’t want to remain a member you just cancel. There's not going to be any obstacles put in your way to make it difficult, this is Which? – these guys fight that sort of thing all the time. The offer is simply based on their confidence that enough people will realise the benefits of being a member are worth keeping and stay around a while. If that's not you it will have only cost you the £1, if it is, you can continue to benefit from being a member for just over a couple of pounds a week. (no contract or long-term tie in and you’re free to cancel at any time by phone or email)

Who are Which?

Which? Magazine We all know they have a magazine you can subscribe to and that they are a household name, routinely quoted and interviewed on consumer issues in the news and press. But I only recently realised they are a registered charity, and a not-for-profit organisation. This makes a difference to me because I feel they are more trustworthy than a company offering services primarily in order to make money. There's nothing wrong with that of course, most businesses fall into that category, but when it comes to consumer advice I think it makes a difference to realise that they are genuinely fighting for the consumer, and that's the reason they exist.

Registered Charity

Which? are over 50 years old and the largest consumer body in the UK with over 650,000 members. As a registered charity they reinvest all profits back into consumer interests and services for members. As such they are a reliable source of consumer information because they are completely independent. There are no shareholders or owners behind them focusing on profits and the only people they have to please are their members.

Why Subscribe?

Although I promote Which? as an affiliate of theirs I am also a subscriber myself. Personally I see it as an investment which helps keep me informed of important consumer issues in a non-sensationalist way, done not to entertain as in some TV consumer shows, or as part of a government remit, but solely to advance consumer interests and to benefit members. It also gives me the opportunity to make informed choices when choosing what products to buy. I think I buy a lot more stuff than I often realise and it's now easy to research Which? online before buying. In these tough times wasting money is not an option, just one well informed buying decision avoiding a poor product can be worth the yearly cost (just over £2 a week).

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This article was written to explore all the many things Which? have to offer – not just the washing machine related things mentioned elsewhere on Washerhelp & Whitegoodshelp.

Which? Best Buys There are plenty of reviews, Best Buy recommendations and Don't Buy warnings for washing machines, tumble dryers, cookers, dishwashers and all other household appliances as well as for virtually any product or service we might want to buy. Each one of these links is just the beginning of a long journey of research and knowledge on the subject