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Buy Now Arrow-6 This page also contains a lot of useful buying advice covering many areas you might not have even thought of. If you just want to buy an appliance now please consider using one of my carefully selected and recommended affiliate appliance retailers on the right column (or below if on a mobile device) to support Whitegoodshelp.

I’ve been in the trade over 30 years and know appliances very well. I’m not interested in selling any particular appliance and only give honest unbiased advice.

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Helpful White goods Tips 5 Tips for buying an appliance : Five important and unique pieces of advice for anyone buying a new appliance by an engineer with over 30 years in the trade.

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Best buy appliances I’ve been pretty lax in this department as I’ve never really been about “selling” appliances. I do advertise carefully selected affiliates where you can buy or compare prices but haven’t done many specific recommendations. I do have strong opinions on particular brands of appliances and on many features of appliances and whether they are worth having or not. Here are some links to articles you might find useful in helping make a buying decision.

(Although most articles are specific to washing machines the opinion and advice can generally be applied to most other appliances from specific manufacturers mentioned).