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Support-small This page links to Whitegoodshelp preferred retailers for anyone looking to buy a new appliance. Please consider using these links to buy from as although it makes no difference to you the small commission I receive is vital to keep Whitegoodshelp alive.

John Lewis Appliances I have two pages specialising in John Lewis – Best Retailer Page (John Lewis page, full of information and offers) | John Lewis own brand appliances page (Links and information on the John Lewis brand appliances with 3 year guarantees.

Appliances online Appliances Online specialise in selling appliances online and I like the way they appear to be doing business. See Appliances Online review & special offers page

the_co-operative Co-operative Electricals are one of the few ethical retailers who share profits with customers. The business is run for customers – not shareholders – See review & special offers page

Peter Tyson Appliances Peter Tyson Appliances concentrate on giving high quality service, and have many special offers on carefully chosen white goods appliances – especially by Miele.