What’s the best way to pull a washing machine out?

Puzzled The best way to pull a washing machine out, is to open the door and get hold of the door opening at the top of the door seal. Then lift the washing machine up and pull it forward. Before trying to do this, make sure the feet haven't stuck to the floor by tilting the washer back slightly.

(If looking for the best way to move a washing machine transporting to another house or location try this article – transporting a washing machine).

Don't attempt it if you have back trouble though.

If the washing machine is underneath a kitchen work top, make sure the back feet don't catch under the floor covering if it wasn’t fitted all the way underneath (which is extremely common). If the feet are going underneath the floor covering, try tilting the machine forward onto its front feet or it will rip the floor covering.

If the door wont open due to a fault, then you may be able to get some purchase by taking the soap drawer out or by lifting from the underneath the front of the machine and pulling it forward. But without access to the door opening it can be tricky – especially if the washer is also full of washing and water. In this scenario, if you can take out the drain hose, you should be able to siphon the water out using the procedure here The washing machine won’t pump water out

Also, make sure the mains cable, and fill and drain hoses are long enough to allow the washing machine to come out as sometimes they are very short. You may need to turn off the taps and disconnect hoses and cables to get it out.


Avoid damage to the flooring by using on old towel under the feet. This also helps the machine slide around easier.

Tips for pushing a washing machine back in place

Most washing machines have feet instead of wheels these days. Pushing a washing machine back in place can be easy, or very tricky depending on the floor surface. Walking the washing machine back by pushing one side a little then the other is the best way. Also, push as low down the front of the washing machine as you can. Be careful, many washing machines have flimsy front panels that easily dent. Using knees to push a stubborn washing machine back can be effective, but it can also put dents in the washing machine front.

It might be tempting to put some lubricant under the feet if it’s hard to push back but this is likely to cause the washer to slide about a lot on spin afterwards.

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