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Andy Trigg I’m Andy Trigg, I write help articles and give my opinion on many UK white goods topics & issues but I specialise in washing machines. I created Washerhelp in 2000, and added Whitegoodshelp in 2007 which is now my main site incorporating previous Washerhelp content.

My experience

Experience I’ve had over 30 years experience in most aspects of the white goods trade. Apprentice trained by a Hoover agent (Wigfalls) at 16, out on the road aged 19, and self employed at 22.

I’ve worked as a manufacturer’s service engineer, authorised dealer’s service engineer, a self employed sole trader, and as a partner in an independent appliance repairs & sales company employing several people.

I’ve traded as both an authorised Hoover sales dealer, and authorised Asko washing machine sales and repair dealer. I’ve also worked in a call centre taking calls from the public, and for one of the major multiple retailers, first as an engineer, and then as part of the team working out the repair runs for up to 14 white goods engineers.

I’ve experienced the white goods trade from many different angles, and of course I’ve had much experience as a consumer too.

How do my sites earn money?

I don’t sell anything so I have no vested interests which allows me to write in a very balanced way. My articles are designed to help the consumer, but I try to see everyone’s point point of view – consumer, manufacturer, repairer, trader and retailer’s. The only vested interest I have is to create content that is useful and respected by everyone so that my site continues to be read by many people, some of whom I hope will use my carefully chosen and relevant affiliate links and ads. It’s the same principle as free newspapers except any ads will be relevant to white goods.

 If you like my sites and would like to support me please consider using affiliated links or adverts if you need to make a purchase, which helps support my sites at no extra cost to you. Also if you “like” or share my articles on social media (which is very important these days) it will be a great help thanks. Whitegoodshelp is not big business, or a faceless organisation, it’s just me doing everything, and writing to help the consumer.

I write about what’s important to me or useful to readers instead of what might generate income, which is why you will see a lot of articles about DIY repair safety and Appliance safety warnings and notices. Without your support I wouldn’t be able to continue.

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Why did I create these web sites?

The appliances were becoming increasingly too expensive to repair compared to the price of a new one. It became very difficult to earn a living specialising exclusively in just washing machines and only one or two brands as I’d always done (and preferred), so I wanted to move into something different. As I’d always had been creative I taught myself web design with a mind to becoming a web designer and created my first web site about something I knew extremely well – washing machines.

I eventually decided against becoming a web designer and carried on in the white goods trade whilst working on my web site as a part time hobby. After a few years Washerhelp became one of the most prominent UK washing machine sites on the Internet.

My sites have never been a money making venture, but I do need them to make money now to keep working on them. They started to earn money by accident but I’ve never changed my writing style and attitude. It never crossed my mind to put any adverts up for the first several years or that I could make any living from it. Then a grateful reader suggested I put a PayPal donate link up, which I did. Some people were happy to donate small amounts of money in thanks for the advice and help they’d found. It was only pocket money but much appreciated. Then someone suggested I tried some Google ads, which I did and found they generated a bit more.

Over the years things slowly progressed to a point where I had enough readers to make the small percentage who use ads enough to keep me going. I strive hard to write articles that can be trusted and respected. Without trust I can’t survive.

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