Top selling white goods appliances at John Lewis

John Lewis best sellers I’ve obtained a list of the top selling appliances at John Lewis. As John Lewis tend to carefully select products, and their staff are pretty knowledgeable about them, it’s useful to see which ones most people are buying there. It may help some people decide which one to buy.

Trade-in Cashback & other Offers at John Lewis

Special offers on white goods

Three great new offers There are currently lots of offers on appliances and products at John Lewis with up to £200 off some appliances. You can also get up to £100 cashback on AEG appliances or up to £70 trade-in allowance against Bosh … [Continue reading..]

Spin light flashing at end of the cycle

Flashing lights

If you find the spin light flashing at end of the cycle and the laundry is still wet (hasn't been spun), the explanation could just be that the washing machine's out of balance protection system prevented it from spinning. This is particularly true … [Continue reading..]

Different types of door interlocks

How to

If you think you have a faulty door interlock they are usually pretty easy to replace, and not usually too expensive (buy door interlocks from 4Washerhelp). However, I see a lot of cases where people have fitted a new one - and it didn't make any … [Continue reading..]

How does a washing machine door interlock work?


Understanding how a door interlock works helps in deciding if one is faulty or not. When you shut the door, the latch on the door pushes inside the door lock and activates an electrical part inside which locks the door shut. At the same time, power … [Continue reading..]