John Lewis give 2 year guarantee on white goods appliances

What is the Fast Freeze button on a freezer for?

Ice Some freezers have a fast freeze option button, which may be rarely used. It’s there for freezing items not already pre-frozen. If you are placing fresh food inside the freezer then ideally you should have lowered the temperature beforehand ready to accommodate it and facilitate as quick a freeze as possible. You may need to pre select the fast freeze button as early as 24 hours before.

Is your fridge temperature correct?


Having your fridge thermostat control just set at random, or what you feel is right can be wasteful. According to Which? even using recommended settings by the manufacturer doesn't always assure the correct temperature. If the temperature is too … [Continue reading..]

Washing machines to avoid


It's hard to believe that anyone could make a washing machine these days that didn't wash laundry properly. I can well understand how they might make one that's just rubbish (as in poor quality) and unreliable, but surely it's dead simple to make … [Continue reading..]

Free Upgrade from 5 to 10 year guarantees on Miele

Peter Tyson Appliances

Peter Tyson now have the new "W1" range of washing machines in stock from Miele and are currently offering warranty upgrades on 3 models WKR 570, WKR 770 & WMR 560 (which normally have the 5 year warranty). They are currently topping it up to 10 … [Continue reading..]

Is drying laundry indoors bad for health?


Drying laundry indoors can create damp, condensation, encourage dust mites, and cause health risks to people prone to asthma, hay fever and other allergies. Researchers have found that up to a third of all moisture in homes can come from drying … [Continue reading..]

How to remove a greyish white coating in drum


If your washing machine's drum is covered in a greyish white coating it is probably caused by limescale. To remove it try adding about 20 gram of citric acid into the machine and wash on a 90 degree wash cycle with no laundry inside. You may need to … [Continue reading..]

Currys – Free Next Day Delivery

Free next day delivery on selected Large Appliances. Includes: Laundry, fridge freezers, dishwashers, cookers & TVs over 39" Free next day delivery … [Continue reading..]

Choosing lowest energy consumption washing machine


It's interesting to compare how much energy washing machines use, but just buying the lowest energy consumption washing machine could easily be a false economy. I don't say ignore it completely, but never forget that build quality and reliability are … [Continue reading..]

Latest Discount Voucher Codes from Currys

Save £50 on this product when you trade in old appliance Use Code: SMN50 End Date: 16/04/2014 Use Voucher Code Save £75 on this product when you trade in old appliance Use Code: SMN75 End Date: 16/04/2014 Use Voucher Code Save £100 on … [Continue reading..]

Exploding door glass – who’s fault is it?


I still occasionally get emails from people who's washing machine door glass has shattered or "exploded", and I've included two photo's recently supplied to me in this article. It's hard to get a proper perspective on how widespread it is but I'm … [Continue reading..]